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Riccardo Rivoli

Manzano / Italy

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Riccardo Rivoli is an Italian success story.
It all started in the last century and it has always been about a global future. Its industrial design offers ideas and builds solutions, using exclusively highend materials to design beautiful and functional furniture across the globe. From the drawings to the end product, the company provides personal assistance, without intermediaries, to offer you authentic made-in-Italy design, following each stage of production directly. Just how it should be: talking in person, face to face, designer to designer, businessman to businessman. Riccardo Rivoli is an industrial designer, an entrepreneur and a designer brand. It is unique in its sector, backed by comprehensive experience and able to speak a universal language.
Free to create made-to-measure beauty to be lived, Riccardo Rivoli responds to any kind of product need, whether directly from the catalogue or an exclusive, personalised request. Freedom is essential to creativity. Industrial production guided by such freedom is, today, a rarity and here a hat tip to the true origins of industrial design, which was thought up with the aim of independently designing smart solutions to be produced on an industrial scale, to solve problems, innovate routine, and open up new possibilities. When production is free to follow ideas and desires, instead of markets and forecasts, creativity wins, along with enthusiasm, efficiency, professionalism and an ability to listen. All of which are values that give rise to great, distinctive projects with an international flair. All of which are values Riccardo Rivoli believes in.

Officially founded in 2014, Italian Chair District for International Markets is a business network made up of the companies: Cizeta Group, Palma, Piaval and Riccardo Rivoli. They have entered the international markets together with the primary aim of approaching their clients as a group of companies that can work with the broadest range of styles and products. Quality is guaranteed by their design and manufacturing processes, which are entirely in Made-in-Italy style. ... More ... less