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For over 50 years, RiFra has been a global Made in Italy surrogate for the bathroom and kitchen furnishing sector. The Italian company has established itself nationally and internationally thanks to its refined and linear style and the use of certified raw materials, selected and manufactured entirely by the company. RiFra products are modular and adaptable to different needs with practical and versatile solutions. The brand caters to a demanding and refined clientele, who find design products, quality materials, composed style and great attention to detail. In addition to the production of bathroom and kitchen furnishings, RiFra also makes accessories and complements such as mirrors and a rich selection of bathroom accessories.

Bathroom and kitchen furniture: RiFra products

RiFra focuses almost entirely on the design, production and distribution of fixtures and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen, with a rich and prestigious assortment to choose from. The brand develops bathroom fixtures and washbasins that break with canonical schemes to offer highly suggestive, minimal and modern designs, ideal for emphasizing and creating refined spaces. The company experiments with materials such as glass, natural stone and cement, proposing a new aesthetic horizon that blends functionality with a modern and creative taste. These qualities can also be found in RiFra bathtubs, shower trays, showerheads and bathroom accessories. The company also manufactures bathroom lighting and as well as towel holders and soap dispensers.
The kitchen sector represents Rifra's second business area. This catalog is rich, varied and includes a series of complete solutions. Rifra kitchens are designed to give elegance to the domestic context without sacrificing practicality, merging aesthetics and usability. One of the company's top models is the Fly kitchen with a double central island, an elegant and linear kitchen in concrete, resistant to shock and abrasion but also water repellent thanks to a specific nanotechnology treatment. RiFra kitchens also include some kitchen taps.

From the bathroom to the kitchen: the RiFra story

RiFra was born, although not officially, in the 1930s when Giovanni Rivolta opened his first carpentry shop. In 1945, just after the end of the Second World War, Giovanni and his brother Emilio established a new company named Fratelli Rivolta. In 1950 Giuseppe Rivolta, the first of Giovanni's six children, took over but eight years later, as his health declined, the company changed its name to Rivolta Emilio and grandsons sdf. Over the following years, the company gained success in the carpentry supplies sector thanks to the quality and solidity of its products.
It was not until 1970 that the RiFra Mobili brand (RIvolta FRAtelli) was born. Seven years later, the company's official headquarters moved to Gerno di Lesmo in the Milan area. During that same period, RiFra's approach began to change and the company, as a distributor on behalf of third parties, broadened its scope, designing and marketing furniture compositions. In the 1980s, the transition reached full maturity and RiFra, as a retailer, reaffirmed its new image in the design sector, specializing mainly in bathroom accessories. The company's structure was reinforced over the following years. In the early 2000s, the brand introduced some of its most successful collections including the Fonte line, marketed since 2001. In 2003 RiFra's first participation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan was followed by the inauguration of its New York showroom. In 2005, RiFra launched its first bathtub, Status. The following year, the Modus line won the prestigious "Home Beautiful Awards" and the "People's Choice Awards".
RiFra's brand identity consolidated even further, and over the next years, the company expanded its collections. In 2017, two flagship stores opened in Milan and Paris. Rifra quality can be found in its production method. The Milanese brand is one of the very few in the furniture sector to manage the entire production cycle from start to finish - from the selection and processing of raw materials to design, marketing and packaging. In addition to the meticulous management of the design and creative process, the company's Code of Ethics and Corporate Behavior focuses on such values as legality, loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency and openness, distinguishing the brand image. ... More ... less

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