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Roofingreen is a company specializing in the production of modular systems for insulation and coating of exterior ventilated surfaces. Founded on the initiative of a group of Piedmontese professionals active in the fields of design, architecture and construction, the company is implementing an ambitious project, which aims to combine beauty with energy efficiency. Roofingreen’s main activity is the search for original solutions and new materials for the realization of sustainable building works marked, in particular, by the creative use of synthetic grass. The element of real innovation of the Roofingreen works is the modular green flooring, designed for outdoor environments, which allows to cover any type of ventilated surface. The technical principles adopted by the Turin brand are based on the idea of designing coverings that are environmentally friendly and suitable for different building and furnishing needs. Roofingreen production covers every area of the cladding sector in terms of energy saving: green roofs, insulating synthetic grass for flat and vertical green walls and any other type of ventilated surface.

Synthetic grass coverings: Roofingreen's green coverings

Roofingreen offers a wide range of green roofs, hanging gardens and cutting-edge vertical green care technologies designed to improve energy efficiency. The sound absorbing, insulating and draining elements are designed to be used in various areas, from sustainable redevelopment to renovation, but also in new buildings, street furniture and temporary installations. Garden covers, ventilated synthetic grass walls, flooring and coverings are characterized by extreme versatility that ensures freedom of creation. The green modules, which can be easily placed in any type of area and are easy to dispose of, are a patented, innovative and adaptable product that introduces a new way of thinking about external cladding and the very concept of space. Respect for the environment, which passes through energy saving and the use of recyclable materials, is the value that animates every Roofingreen realization. The modular technology used in the production of products such as Roofingreen Step and Roofingreen Nature Drain offers designers versatility of use in every context. Roofingreen's roofs also ensure excellent sound absorption, in accordance with a company philosophy that aims decisively to create spaces designed for livability and comfort.

Green coatings under the banner of environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of every action taken by Roofingreen, starting from production. The zero-water waste and the use of eco-compatible machinery and raw materials are the starting point, in addition to the high technical performance of the products that will insulate the external surfaces. The very high insulating capacity of the flooring, in fact, allows to drastically reduce the use of heaters and air conditioners, for a saving that is expressed both in terms of environmental protection and lowering the cost of air conditioning. Roofingreen addresses different types of market: in the residential sector, it develops design and efficient solutions for single homes and residential complexes such as buildings and condominiums, as well as redevelopment of roofs and terraces. In the industrial construction sector, the company intervenes in insulation and energy efficiency improvement works, while in the contract sector it mainly targets the hotel and hospitality sector, without neglecting public facilities. Roofingreen has also expanded its offer to include temporary installations, such as fittings for trade fairs and other types of events, and offers interventions aimed at improving the aesthetics and impact on the landscape of warehouses and other types of production facilities. All Roofingreen installations are also characterized by the possibility to modify the initial project, even once completed, thanks to the modular technology used.

Synthetic grass: Roofingreen's trademark

Roofingreen's proposals are designed with greenery in mind and are reflected in a wide range of outdoor products. Synthetic grass outdoor floors represent the company's core business and offer a series of solutions suitable for every need: modular draining floors, raised modules applicable to areas of any size and synthetic lawns are designed to harmonize functional requirements with a refined aesthetic, modern style and adaptable to any environment. Roofingreen synthetic grass surfaces are easy to lay, maintenance-free and zero water use for irrigation. The Nature synthetic grass module has a support base with adjustable heights from 40 to 200 mm, ideal for creating a cavity suitable for thermal insulation. The Nature Led modules integrate lighting with low consumption LED spotlights, while the Step module is equipped with a central surface, declined in different geometric shapes and made of a mixture of grit and draining resin, to form passable paths.
Roofingreen also develops a series of accessories for gardening up to real vertical gardens for the thermal insulation of external walls. The use of synthetic turf and polyethylene is aimed at combining the needs of design, functionality and eco-sustainability that define the brand identity.

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