Turin / Italy

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Roofingreen comes from twenty years of multi-disciplinary experiences of a team specialising in architecture, construction and design. A team who has been able to give an answer to the needs of innovation with a creative and simple idea. The starting idea for Roofingreen takes into account the requirements of sustainability in modern-day construction, satisfying these needs with a product which changes the concept of living space: a raised outdoor modular flooring for covering ventilated surfaces. The constant study for innovative solutions with low environmental impact has led to the design and development of a product which stemmed from the most up-to-date architectural know-how: it is adjustable for multiple applications, ranging between new construction and renovation, up to sustainable requalification. A patented product, radically innovative, focusing on saving energy resources, which revolutionises the idea of the covering with a sustainable concept whose horizons are even more open than the idea of space itself. ... More ... less