Rubinetterie Mariani

Verdellino Zingonia / Italy

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The history of Rubinetterie Mariani begins in the early '60s in the outskirts of Milan. Founded by Mariani brothers in Gorla, it was moved soon to the current plants in Zingonia (province of Bergamo), where equipments and spaces were more suitable for a fast increasing production. Since the beginning the Company produces faucets with great passion, continually increasing its skills, building stable business relationships and satisfying millions of customers in Italy and in several foreign Countries. The Rubinetterie Mariani catalogue offers a wide range of styles and products, from modern design to traditional series , from taps to whole and innovative wellness solutions for shower, hydrotherapy and colour therapy settings. The application of advanced technologies during the whole production cycle, a careful selection of the most reliable materials, the frequent checks and the rigorous tests ensure the high level of a "Made in Italy" quality and a long lasting product efficiency. The high quality also finds its "visible" expression into the elegant and graceful product lines, in the all projects balance and in the refined finishes. A display of the typical Italian design, able to touch even the most demanding Customer . Customer is indeed the centre of Rubinetterie Mariani’s business philosophy. It’s not just a matter of faucets manufacturing, the real goal is the wellness that Customer deserves to feel during selection, purchase and the overall use of a Mariani product. So each detail is carefully designed to offer a total comfort in water regulation, to give a complete and precise control of temperature and water flow through small movements ergonomically correct, to create unique and relaxing settings. So each product is realized, tested and tested again to resist the daily use year after year, because without reliability the Customer wellness would be only a temporary feeling. Those who choose a Rubinetterie Mariani product choose an high quality Italian item, with long tradition and great elegance. An object designed, produced and distributed by an highly skilled staff, people trained to provide special and long lasting emotions. ... More ... less

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