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Creations with a sophisticate personality, designed for prestigious destinations and enhanced by the use of marble and natural stones. Salvatori is a prominent protagonist of the Italian design for being the father of indoor furniture, furniture and accessories for the bathroom and light spots, among others. Pieces that make the beauty of the natural stone stick out, proposing themselves as pièces unique with a history and defined character. Salvatori has united contemporary design and the handcraftsmanship know-how, establishing itself as a name which is valued on the national and international scenarios. A successful and innovative brand that was acknowledged the Premio dei Premi award in 2013, a recognition initiated by the Italian government to honor the companies lead in the entrepreneurial sector.

Indoor furnishing according to Salvatori

At the foundation of Salvatori there is a continual collaboration with designers coming from all over the world. Renowned and appreciated at an international level, its offer is constantly forged by the relation the company has been nurturing with its partners. The stone is the core, the natural material from where to start in order to explore new furnishing concepts. This is how products such as Lithoverde come to life, a covering made of composite material used by John Pawson in 2010 for his House of Stone and awarded in 2012 the Innovation Prize from ADI Index. In 2013 it was Girella’s turn, a marble bench by Ron Gilad, to be acknowledged the best Domestic Design Award. Salvatori’s pieces astonish for the thought-out use of the raw material. Even apparently secondary elements, like towel racks and chests of drawers, acquire a new identity thanks to the sensible use of marble, brass and wood. Though, the washbasin dominates in the middle of the bathroom. David Lopez Quincoces signs the iconic Adda freestanding models, merging stone and hickory evoking suggestions that recall the ‘50s and ‘60s of the past century. Wall and floor covering make one among the creative worlds explored by Salvatori. Besides the already mentioned Lithoverde, the company earned appreciation on the global market thanks to products such as the Tratti covering in natural stone and the Bamboo floor. Complements and indoor furnishing are equally magnified through a wise use of marble, like it is the case for the round table René by Piero Lissoni, or for the squared coffee table Ta_Volo by Franz Siccardi.

Salvatori. Marble and natural stone furniture since 1946

Salvatori experience in the field of marble and natural stone creations started in 1946, the year in which the company was founded. Immersed in the Tuscany landscape, a few kilometers away from Pietrasanta and the Carrara marble caves, the brand soon started to stand out for its innate vocation to innovation. Indeed, in 1950 Guido Salvatori launched on the market the Spaccatello, a solution for stone-made covering that today is widely used across the world. It was exactly this vision constantly oriented towards the future that in a short time led the company to collaborate with Armani, Bergdorf Goodman and Louis Vuitton. Each project from Salvatori is not a simple project. It is a creation that narrates its history. The use of natural materials like the marble or stone washes the furniture of design and the coverings by this company with a unique appeal which is immediately recognizable. Today the company is still firmly in the hands of the Salvatori’s third generation, that guides it with the same innovation-oriented approach that characterized the company in its early years.

The elegance of marble in the interior design

The point of departure of each of Salvatori creations are the Carrara marble caves. These timeless places offer a material of absolute quality. It is indeed the material that constitutes the highest signature style within the company offer, as it connects elegance and resistance. Hence, marble is conceived as a means of expression and the foundation of the interior design solutions proposed by the brand. Years of careful selection and choice of the best marble blocks have enabled Salvatori to develop an exceptional know-how. Nonetheless, the company does not limit itself to the use of stone and other noble materials. In fact, it continuously develops new sustainable production technologies. The use of recycled stone and natural resin in Lithoverde reflects at full the company action, aimed at proposing creations which please the eye and are sustainable from an environmental point of view. From this tireless strive for innovation, in 2015 the Salvatore Academy was inaugurated. Thanks to it, the commercial partners can have a first hand experience on all the peculiarities of the company interior design creations.

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