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In 2019 Samsung proved to be the number one appliances Brand in the Innovation and Design & Style categories of the prestigious Domestic Appliance Award by Kantar. Samsung Home Appliances are number one in TCG-Technical Consumer Goods: this record has been achieved thanks to innovative products which combine impeccable design, superior performance and outstanding efficiency. In the past, having a Connected Home was a complicated affair. It could only be achieved by professionals, only during the design planning phase of the home, and it was extremely expensive. With the advent of wireless networks, it was no longer necessary to feed cables behind the walls, and the number of Wi-Fi products has grown exponentially. Today, the criticality lies in the fact that every device is controlled via a specifi c App, and it is often impossible for connected products from different brands to interact.

With Samsung, the future is within easy reach, as the brand always anticipated trends and consumer requirements, allowing them to enjoy unique technologies which tie together household products in a connected ecosystem. The SmartThings App is a point of access to an open system designed to manage all the devices in the home, even if they aren’t Samsung, in a simple and user-friendly way. It also has the advantage of being able to integrate smart products as they are gradually added to the home, without having to decide in advance or buy everything all together. Turning off the lights, activating alarms, adjusting the thermostat, turning on the air conditioning or starting the washing machine: it can all be done from your smartphone! Magic? No, just pure technology. Artificial Intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things, greater safety: these are the next extraordinary goals for our Smart Home.

Less food, energy, water and time wasted thanks to the development of devices which make everyday life increasingly sustainable: that’s Samsung’s pledge. Refrigerators which use the most sophisticated preservation systems to keep food fresh longer and avoid unnecessary food wastage. Smart washing machines that, thanks to faster cycles and high energy efficiency make it possible to optimise water, detergent and energy consumption levels, using only those resources truly necessary. Ovens which, thanks to the exclusive double door, allow you to use just one part of the cavity, optimising time and energy. Why forgo the best? Savings are teamed with top performance, only with Samsung. Choose sustainable innovation: beneficial for you, helpful for the environment. ... More ... less

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