Pian Camuno / Italy

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Amazing staircases. Officine Sandrini design and produce staircases for interior and outdoor design, always looking for innovative solutions, expression of tradition and talent. Officine Sandrini wish to offer a high technical and stylistic quality product, in order to assure the greatest well-being and every customer’s satisfaction. Officine Sandrini establish themselves as a reliable and punctual professional supplier, which is also recognized by professionals in the construction field such as engineers, architects and surveyors, construction and real estate companies. Officine Sandrini provide a complete design service, from the preliminary surveys, till the construction and installation of the stairs, starting from the plan. Officine Sandrini is qualified to design and produce open stairs, hanging stairs, spiral stairs and like to test and use new materials, in the new Luxo collection. We produce also handrails and banister, made by various materials. Designer’s flair can find its full expression, without limits to dimensions, development, shape or materials. ... More ... less
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