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Sapiens is an intelligent container, a treasure chest in which a deep knowledge of innovative materials merges with a refined and exclusive taste, where the evolution of products becomes revolution. This is the guiding principle of Sapiens, a company born from twenty years of experience in the interior and exterior finishing sector, areas in which the value of aesthetics exalts the technical value of each application, aimed to enhance exclusive projects. In this activity there is a great attention that focuses on the importance of the wooden raw material, whose fiber is expertly shaped by substances such as fire, temperature and water. Therefore, the natural element is the common thread that leads and directs our choices, aimed at a careful selection of value-added products in terms of design and research. A refined and peculiar material can make the difference in a project, giving character to the work in general; Sapiens has included in its collection advanced and revolutionary products to offer designers new creative and technological ideas in respect of tradition and matter.

Sapiens, indoor and outdoor finishes

Our three collections stand out for their singularity, thanks also to the use of three types of treatments that make Sapiens products innovative and revolutionary. In the Fireskin treatment, visible in the Ardes collection, the surface of the wood is burned and the material acquires greater durability. The Thermo line is distinguished by Thermotreatment-THW, whose secret lies in the change of physical and chemical properties of the ash with high temperature, giving it resistance and class 1 durability. Finally, with the Accoya® collection, thanks to the acetylation process, the wood pore is modified and transformed, thus obtaining an unabsorbent and unassailable material from bacteria also in class 1 durability. Sapiens products stand out for their technological innovation and attention to sustainability, creating the perfect connection between nature and technology. ... More ... less

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