Scandola Mobili

Bosco Chiesanuova / Italy

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Ours is a story of passion, of a love for wood and for all things made well. It was back in 1976 when Carlo Scandola, having racked up years of experience working in handcrafted furniture shops in the Verona area, decided to open his own workshop, thereby laying the foundations of what would become Scandola Mobili. The home he chose for the business was Boscochiesanuova, a village sitting 1,100 m above sea level in the Lessini Hills. Here, he supplemented his contract work for other manufacturers with the production of his own new line of furniture. The first catalogue was published in 1988 and marked the moment the company became a producer in its own right. Though the premises have not moved in the thirty years since our founding, the small-scale workshop has evolved into what is now a large facility with an impressive 10,000 sq metres of floor space. What hasn't changed in all that time is our determination and enthusiasm, allowing us to deliver products today marked by the same natural essence and handcrafted skill that has been there from the very beginning. ... More ... less



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