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The company SCAPPINI & C. was founded in 1980, thanks to the initiative and talent of Giovanni Scappini, who passed on his skills to his daughter Chiara and his son Lorenzo, today heading the Board of Directors along with their father. Well established in the international market since the very beginning, the company started to export its products to about 80 countries in the world. A quality focused approach, attention to details and a sophisticated style are the distinctive features of SCAPPINI & C., together with a fast and efficient service, tailored to the customer’s specific needs and supported by a wide knowledge of foreign languages. By selecting the skillful craftsmen in the Verona area and with the valuable contribution of capable co-workers, some of them alongside with Giovanni since 1980, the company is constantly growing. In 1998 the business expanded into the Contract sector, by furnishing over 50 prestigious hotels around the world with the well-known classic style of SCAPPINI & C..

Furniture made in Italy:

Verona has a long tradition in the production of classic furniture, whose elegant curves, carvings and marquetry, milling, sanding and polishing, are the result of centuries-old skills and of an ancient knowhow. Today’s technology can certainly help, but the craftsmen’s competence and skillful hands are the key of success. This is why SCAPPINI & C. dedicates commitment in selecting experienced artisans, in order to produce high quality furniture, 100% made in Italy. The manufacturing process is based on our customers’ quality requirements and selections, to which the company responds with targeted answers and reliable deadlines. Certified ISO 9001:2008.
SCAPPINI & C. offers a wide range of models and interpretations of the classic style, as well as variety of finishes, aware of the importance to offer only high quality and long lasting products, for people enjoying the pleasure of a daily elegant experience. ... More ... less

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