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Stazzano / Italy

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Schiavetti Lamiere forate
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Since 1861, the brand Schiavetti has been an important reference in metal processing and in the production of perforated sheets and pipes. Based in Stazzano (AL), it covers both the Italian and foreign markets, exporting to over 50 countries around the world. Its employees work with high competence, experience, enthusiasm and passion aimed at satisfying customers in their various needs.

Schiavetti at the service of customers

In addition to the traditional flat product, available in a very wide range both from the catalogue and customized, Schiavetti Lamiere forate can offer processings such as cutting, bending, welding, coil slipping, painting, anodizing. Our technical office supports Customers with competent technical information and helps them in the choice of materials and manufacturing processes. Schiavetti Lamiere forate, in order to offer its customers a complete service (that includes the installation and fixing of the metal casing), works in partnership with specialized companies.

The corporate mission

Our mission is to understand the needs of our Customers and help them to find the most convenient solution, which we will promptly and adequately produce. All people working in our company are regularly trained to satisfy this mission.
Schiavetti Lamiere forate pursues and realizes the aim of providing its Customers with quality products, perfectly meeting their needs in terms of time, quantity and costs. The improvement of all company processes involves everyone with constancy and dedication to keep up with the expectations of an evolving market.
The importance of work safety, of the ethics of relations with the staff and of the production chain are as important as the products quality and the satisfaction of our Customers. They are not only regulatory obligations by Schiavetti Lamiere forate, but a proper behaviour for the respect of people’s natural rights.
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