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Schöck Ltd UK is a member of the Schöck Group, which operates 14 companies around the globe with a staff of around 800 employees. The company's head office is in Baden-Baden, Germany, where the success tale of founder and construction engineer Eberhard Schöck began more than 50 years ago. His pioneering inventions streamlined construction and set new standards.
The company's primary focus is on the development of ready-to-install components that are part of the structural design and make a substantial contribution to building physics, for example by minimising thermal bridges or preventing impact noise in buildings. Our main product is the Schöck Isokorb® - a load bearing thermal insulation element preventing thermal bridges on cantilever elements, such as balconies, parapets, access balconies or canopy roofs. With more than 12,000 standard types and solutions for use in concrete, steel and wood, Schöck is the leading specialist in this sector both for new construction and for renovation projects. A further business areas focuses on reinforcement technology for industrial, tunnel, bridge, and infrastructure construction or building power plants.
Alongside product innovations, Schöck also places particular importance on a broad portfolio of services, such as our 24h delivery service for goods in stock, our engineering hotline in the Design Support department or our Schöck field service. After all, true quality embraces the trappings as well, and not just the product. ... More ... less
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