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Schönbuch is a German brand that produces furniture and accessories for the home and office. Initially specialising in furniture design for the entryway, the company later extended its interests to the entire field of interior design and contract and office furniture. Schönbuch's products are characterised by their minimalist design, in which the functional aspect is evident but not predominant. The company's goals are comfort and usability achieved through quality materials and the creative use of colours that allow the company to propose solutions for any context. The brand's international profile is underscored by its participation in some of the world's most prestigious furniture fairs like Milan, Shanghai and Imm Cologne. Schönbuch's commercial structure is firmly rooted in Europe but the company has also developed projects for internationally renowned brands with a capillary distribution system extending to Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada.

The evolution of the Schönbuch brand from entrance furniture to complete furnishings

Schönbuch began with projects for entrance areas and hallways with a style that, from the outset, firmly focused on formal aesthetics. The company's pursuit of beauty merges with a specific chromatic and functional sensibility to create products with an intensely personal character that are practical and optimise the use of space. The coat rack sector is undoubtedly the one in which the brand offers the largest number of products, from hooks - with products in solid wood such as Cut, in metal such as Flare or Bangle, or in glass such as Bulb - to wall-mounted or free-standing coat racks. Pina is a wall-mounted coat rack in powder-coated steel whose shape playfully recalls a jump rope, while Frisbi has a brass rod and glass shelf. In just a few years, Schönbuch began to offer a complete range of furnishing accessories from living room to bedroom furniture. In addition to numerous consoles, benches and tables, the company’s living space accessories respond to market needs with bookcases, cupboards, wall units, chests of drawers and mirrors. Beam, designed by the young German designer Ilja Huber, is a monolithic sculptural floor mirror that is both a functional object as well as a perfect piece of furniture.

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