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Schüco is a German brand that produces windows, doors and facades, advanced solutions for the building envelope that are made in harmony with the environment and thanks to the use of advanced technologies in the name of living comfort. Schüco Italia, the Italian subsidiary that has been offering Schüco products on the Italian market for over 50 years, now has more than 140 employees at its Padua headquarters and a network of 6.000 partners. In line with the philosophy of the German parent company, Schüco Italia offers high quality products and services to meet the needs of designers and planners. Thanks to a new way of designing buildings so that they can guarantee energy efficiency, Schüco Italia continues to produce systems and solutions in which technology, form and function dialogue with each other, as is the case, for example, in the company's new headquarters, a building constructed with the use of the most modern technologies, also characterized by a contemporary design and compliance with environmental regulations. All characterized by an attractive design, and applicable in residential, work or even public contexts, Schüco products range from sliding windows to doors, from roofs to curtain or structural facades, from canopies to sunshades, up to solutions for building automation.

Schüco aluminium systems for the building envelope

Schüco uses aluminium for its systems because it is a lightweight material, infinitely recyclable, easy to work with and has excellent functional but also aesthetic performance: the aluminium profiles have a minimalist design that allows for large window mirrors, but also guarantees ample compositional freedom, in shapes and colours, with infinite possibilities for customisation. Contemporary designers prefer those solutions in which all structural details are hidden to leave room for light, transparency, and Schüco systems are perfect for this, with attention to the smallest details such as handles, almost invisible, sturdy, but slender, elegant, with square profiles, installable with or without rosette. Other elements perfectly camouflaged in the slim Schüco profiles are the anti-theft systems and magnetic sensors, or the hinges, important details that guarantee the durability of the windows and doors, but that designers prefer to hide in favour of a clean and linear design. All Schüco products have the guarantee of quality attested by numerous patents and strict laboratory tests carried out on prototypes and samples, so that only elements that meet the parameters of European standards are put on the market. Before leaving the factory, each element receives the Schüco trademark, as proof that it has achieved and guarantees high levels of performance in terms of durability, strength and minimum maintenance requirements in the future.

Buildings energy efficiency with Schüco products

Schüco was founded in Germany in 1951 and already in the 1960s had a workforce of 80 people and a substantial production of window systems. In the 70s the production of insulated facades began, and then continued in the following years with a complete system of products for the building envelope, always pursuing with great commitment and passion a continuous search for innovative and cutting-edge solutions to ensure environmental protection and energy efficiency of buildings. Production takes place in full compliance with environmental regulations, using energy from renewable sources. Energy saving is not only the goal of production but also what Schüco products guarantee when installed in a building context: a good design of the building envelope significantly reduces energy consumption while reducing pollution. Thanks to the application of Schüco products it is possible to achieve a good thermal insulation of the building, apply automation systems, control and management of energy consumption. ... More ... less

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