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Gattico / Italy

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Scirocco H designs and manufactures bathroom towel heaters and radiators, providing a unique interpretation and heightened degree of craftsmanship in a sector that requires highly rigorous technical standards. Scirocco H effectively responds to the new culture of home living. Young and dynamic company, was among the very first to recognise the need for innovation in look and functionality in the home heating sector, particularly in the bathroom segment of the market. Scirocco H products reflect the style and passion with which they are designed, becoming more than just plain radiators – they are true design works that fit into an environment to leave a clear sign of their character. Quality remains a key factor at Scirocco H, and the use of a variety of primary materials and colour combinations allows each radiator to be unique. Tempered glass, iron, stainless steel, cast iron, brass and aluminium are combined with high technology to enhance the concept of warmth and well-being through exciting shapes and striking designs. Furthermore, our close and ongoing cooperation with major Italian designers is reflected in product research, so that we’re not just developing simple radiators, but real furniture pieces, featuring differentiated and original technical functionalities and aesthetic properties, carefully crafted and designed to integrate seamlessly into any environment. ... More ... less




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