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Secco Sistemi is an Italian company that has produced innovative design in the field of windows and integrated facade systems for over 70 years. Every year, the Treviso brand manufactures approximately 200,000 doors and windows, transforming more than 2 million linear meters of profile bars into products using quality materials like galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel, and brass. The Treviso-based company has distinguished itself thanks to its intense research program geared towards developing new solutions that integrate an artisanal approach with industrial-scale production. The brand collaborates with numerous experts on the contemporary architecture scene to design systems that allow freedom of creative expression while paying maximum attention to the comfort of the end-user and the reduction of environmental impacts. The Secco Sistemi commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated by the constant improvement of its energy performance. The company controls every phase of the production process, starting from the initial selection of materials according to criteria of naturalness, long life, recyclability, and reusability. In this way, even the end-of-cycle disposal phase is managed responsibly, taking into account environmental needs. Secco Sistemi processes adhere to the ISO 9001 quality system. At the same time, the SECCOLAB division manages the brand's research and development division in collaboration with the German testing and certification institute IFT Rosenheim. IFT tests new products during the entire cycle and verifies and certifies all new products before their introduction on the market.

Secco Sistemi windows: solutions for every context

Secco Sistemi windows offer solutions for every environmental need and furnishing context. With the skillful use of stainless steel, brass, and other high-quality materials, the Italian brand develops products with time-tested workmanship and attractive design that are also effective in terms of thermal insulation and dispersion. The Veneto brand markets a wide selection of window models. The company's varied and continuously updated catalog includes lift and slide doors, thermal break windows, wood windows, exterior windows, French doors for modern or classic furnishings, and windows for domestic, office, and contract use. The OS2 collection has an optimal relationship between the transparency of the glass and the solidity of the profiles, which appear light to the eye, enhanced by precious metals. The exquisite collection boasts a vast portfolio of executed projects. It includes several models of versatile and functional thermal break windows and doors, in which the technological innovation of the manufacturing process is based on artisanal attention to detail. The OS2 75 model won the Compasso d'Oro in 2018. ØG® [zerø gravity] is one of Secco Sistemi's newer products; it is a sliding lift-and-slide window that works by magnetic levitation. A 1000 kilo window can be opened easily without electrical mechanisms, thanks to the Ironlev® patent. Aesthetically, the profiles are flush with the floor, creating an extremely functional product with a minimal design.

Secco Sistemi doors, windows, and door hardware

The variety of Secco Sistemi doors and accessories is noteworthy. Constant innovation allows the brand to market itself in different ways, consistent with the company philosophy of optimizing energy use and improving design. Metal or metal-wood doors and windows ensure maximum thermal and acoustic performance; they are available for a variety of applications, like fire doors and tubular profile systems.
Secco Sistemi manufactures all kinds of hardware for the installation and use of windows and doors. The brand's handles - in stainless steel, corten steel, and brass - represent the best quality options available on the market and embody the company's attention to the aesthetics and efficiency of Made in Italy production, for which the company is itself a spokesperson and representative. The company's constantly updated facade systems are further examples of its commitment to innovation - an activity to which the company devotes 10% of its annual turnover. Secco Sistemi finishes are the ideal mix of visual appearance, reliability, and performance that help maximize the comfort of any space. ... More ... less






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