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Established in 2018, Secolo is a London-based furniture brand with a desire to create iconic pieces that meet traditional tastes but with contemporary and unorthodox twists.
Under the artistic direction of Artefatto Design Studio, Secolo blends interior design with architecture to develop innovative products for a sophisticated visual experience.
Focusing on quality materials, Italian manufacturing and distinctive designs: SECOLO is producing furniture and accessories, which despite being playful and original will naturally complement any interior.

The Italian/English trio behind Artefatto Design Studio has been responsible for the artistic direction of the brand.
Their style comes from a background in interior design and architecture.
Their ability to design furniture that can be used in a range of interiors has allowed them to work for a number of editorial houses (Gallotti e Radice, Chelini, Laura Meroni, Scarlet Splendour, Penta, DeCastelli, Alivar and more).
As seen in, current edition of INTERNI, ELLE DECORATION, DECO etc. ... More ... less

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