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The Italian furniture brand Seletti was founded in the province of Mantua in 1964. During its almost 60 year history, the Lombard company has consolidated its experimental and innovative identity, developing bold collections that combine art design with everyday needs. The brand designs and markets objects for home, office and contract furnishing, particularly for living and sleeping areas; the company's indoor and outdoor lighting is varied and sophisticated.

Kitchen design: Art de table and Diesel Living With Seletti

Seletti is an innovation leader. For decades, the brand has perfected processes and constantly renewed the idea of design furniture, developing surprising artistic and functional solutions. Seletti collections are unconventional and even provocative but always in line with an elegant style that can fit into traditional and classic contexts. The Art de la table accessories line includes a series of practical and uniquely styled elements: glasses, cups, cutlery, plates, trays and other domestic utensils and textiles that find extraordinary expression, ideal for creating a kitchen with personality. Seletti partners with the Diesel brand for Diesel Living With Seletti. The products for home comfort designed in collaboration with Diesel play on sensorial and aesthetic suggestions to characterise living spaces. With their undeniable and captivating urban connotations, these collections set themselves apart from classic approaches and traditional interior design.

Home, office and contract furniture: Seletti at 360 degrees

Seletti produces home furnishings for the living area - armchairs and sofas, footstools, storage furniture and sideboards. The brand offers bed linens, headboards and bedside tables for the bedroom; garden furnishings include outdoor tables, chairs and armchairs. From a creative perspective, Seletti is probably best known for its residential, corporate and contract indoor and outdoor lighting. This sector gives maximum space to the artistic sensibilities of the designers who collaborate with the brand to develop table, wall and floor lamps in line with an understanding of art design as an element of innovation and a break with classical taste. Seletti develops and markets solutions that can be used anywhere. Despite its focus on the home design sector, the brand also proposes furnishings for offices,contract spaces, public facilities, restaurants and bars.

Innovative design and a worldwide presence: Seletti history

In the early 1970s, Seletti was a young, dynamic company animated by an innovative spirit. In 1972, Romano Seletti, returning from a trip to the East, came back with a new idea of furniture design and function. The result was a new way of looking at interior design, resulting in furnishing items that differed from canonical standards. From that moment on, the Seletti identity embraced innovation and experimentation as the company's true mission. Seletti became a sector pioneer and the brand began to export internationally. Seletti's character was confirmed and consolidated in the 1980s when Romano was joined by his children, Miria and Stefano, who accompanied their father on constant travels and research into new stylistic forms and expressions. At the same time, the brand's commercial structure evolved, opening to large-scale distribution to become one of the first in the sector to focus on packaging, creating an increasingly original and seductive image for a global public. Miria and Stefano took control of the company in the 90s when Seletti became synonymous with stylistic and material innovation. The 2000s marked the brand's definitive great leap forward. Two overseas branches were opened (Seletti North America Ltd. and Seletti China). A new showroom and warehouses were inaugurated in Italy, covering 7,000 square metres and powered by one of the nation's most extensive photovoltaic systems. Seletti opens to continuous innovation, collaborating with some of the most renowned figures in global design. The company also began to produce lifestyle solutions like accessories for smartphones and tablets, soaps and bags, remaining faithful to a company vision that has been clear since its origins: to revolutionise the design sector in all forms and expressions.

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