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Serge Mouille settled down in Monthiers, in the south of Aisne, in 1963 and it’s in few kilometers of his village where Editions Serge Mouille™ apply from now on to follow up the manufacturing of the creator’s works. Editions Serge Mouille’s development is recent, its already long-term history, draws from roots, philosophy and Serge Mouille’s projects himself. Independant and family-run company, ESM was created in 1999 by Gin Mouille and Claude Delpiroux. Gin, Serge’s widow, was the only holder of rights and died in 2009. From the start, it’s question to work in respect of traditional spirit which the creator was attached a lot and in accordance with originals in terms of forms, dimensions and colors. Preferring that his creations preserve the quality of the work and the finishes by hand, Serge Mouille has never wanted to pass in an industrial production. The authenticity’s search the respect for original work and know-how and manufacturing process is and stay the founding value of Editions Serge Mouille. Every year it’s approximately 1000 lamps declined in 35 different black or white models which are sent all around the world in order to be sell. Every lamp is numbered and owned a certificate of authenticity. Other Edition Serge Mouille’s projects testify of an initiative to stay alive and extend the spirit of Serge Mouille: His house of Monthiers on the way of remodelling to become a show-room where will be exposed works made by ESM as well as those of some pupils of creator. Taking back Serge Mouille’s idea when he created, in 1961, the SCM (Compagny of Models Creation), we created in 2013 a new company named “Lignes de Démarcation”, little sister of ESM, which edit and spead the work of other designer, artist of compatible inspiration like Michel Buffet, François Azambourg, Jean-Louis Avril… always in the respect of craft work. ... More ... less



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