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Editions Serge Mouille was born from the innovation that French designer Serge Mouille brought to the field of interior lighting in the nineteenth century. The company continues its production in the footsteps of the most famous models of Mouille, maintaining a traditional vision, as desired by the sprinkler. The history and philosophy of Edition Serge Mouille speak of the artist in every model, bringing to the market lamps that reproduce in every detail the simplicity of his traits. The production of Edition Serge Mouille includes pendant lamps, table lamps and floor lamps. These pieces are now in the history of design, real “must have” for every environment. The certificate of originality is issued only by Edition Serge Mouille. It is the only company that can work with this brand and with these projects. All the working methods that inspired Serge Mouille, as well as the colour choices that favoured the use of black, are recorded. To create continuity between its design and current production, a part of the house where Serge Mouille lived in Monthiers, is becoming a showroom. The designer worked and lived here from the sixties of the last century until his death in the late eighties. Following the inspirational principles of Serge Mouille, in 2013 was born the company called Lignes de Demarcation, curated by his sister. This company is committed to disseminating works by other important designers of the nineteenth century such as Michel Buffet, Azambourg, April.

Serge Mouille's lamps, true design icons

Editions Serge Mouille is a family-style company, which was founded at the end of the nineteenth century thanks to the widow of Serge Mouille, Gin Mouille who, together with the director of the company Claude Delpiroux, continues the production of the works designed by Serge Mouille. The Serge Mouille Edition is the only company that can reproduce and market the lamps designed by Serge Mouille in the world. The work continues today thanks to the help of his son Didier.
The company has maintained the respect of Serge Mouille’s creative spirit. Still nowadays, the production is artisanal and the models are faithfully reproduced in both colours and shapes. As no industrial production of lamps has ever been envisaged, the final finishes are still hand-checked. Serge Mouille's lamps give new light to the rampant post-war French style. In contrast to the artifacts of the time, Mouille creates lamps simple in their shapes, stylized and suitable for any type of environment. The collection consists of thirty-five models that stand out in floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and table lamps. The predominant color is black, although in some cases it is possible to have the model in white. Mouille has chosen such shapes and colors to accentuate the depth of the environment where his creations are applied. Each lamp tells the story of the master's style, oriented towards the search for a design that is always new, always original and inspired by what nature gives in terms of shapes. The Edition Serge Mouille company still reproduces the pieces based on the original design of its creator in a completely handcrafted and therefore unique and identifiable way: each piece, in fact, is distinguished by a serial number engraved on the product, thus making it traceable all over the world. Iconic are the Three Arm and Tripode lamps. They were born in the 1950s from Serge Mouille's studies in contrast to the excessive style of those years and still remain true artistic pieces to be exhibited today. The lines are elegant and subtle, the design sober and essential, suitable for any environment. Essential but completely different in design is the Columns collection, launched in 1962, completely innovative in its genre. These are column floor lamps, unique for the time, made with fluorescent tubes.

The story of Serge Mouille, from artist to lamp designer

Serge Mouille was born in Paris in 1922. His talent is the drawing, in fact from the very beginning he began to draw by observing nature. He is only 13 years old at the School of Applied Arts in Paris. Soon it will also begin to mold metals. His artisan and creative figure were immediately established in Paris, where he was considered to be the youngest artist of the time. His main activity will be that of craftsman and teacher. He takes the place of his mentor Gabriel Lacroix, in the goldsmith’s lab where he himself learned the art of shaping metals. In addition to these activities, he also works as a researcher. There are still many of his monographs today. Mouille Knows Jack Adnet, director of the French Arts Company in 1951, and his life takes on a different direction. He was asked to design large lamps for some South American customers. Mouille creates the three arm lamp. It is dedicated to the development of ever new shapes and always oriented towards the black color. The decade of greatest activity ranges from the 1950s to the 1960s. As a craftsman he becomes a real artist. Serge Mouille’s production for the world of design continues by designing lamps for all kinds of environments, private as well as public. In the sixties he decided to give a shake to the design environment, creating columns of light with fluorescent tubes, a real innovation for the period, in total contrast with his style, so much so that even today, in fact, he struggles to consider his lamps so different from his usual style.
After a few years he decided to stop his production and moved to the south of France, where he devoted his life only to teaching and producing jewelry, until his death on Christmas Day in 1988. ... More ... less

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