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Sicilferro was born in 1982 in Torrenova , on the northern coast of Sicily , halfway between the two capital cities of Messina and Palermo , surrounded by all ' inside of the Nebrodi park that runs along the Tyrrhenian coast overlooking the Aeolian Islands. In the eighties , the company serves as a center for the production and processing of iron worked for the civil . A few years after birth widens to provide a semi- major civil works , public , road, industrial , highway and railway. The arrival of heavy carpentry marks the step towards an expansion aimed at building market with products that are more advanced and complex , to provide to companies, architects and engineers a complete service, from structural analysis to design, in a nutshell, finished from the foundation of the building. The inclusion of the processing of EPS is critical to define the way the company , with the building ready for the challenges of the third millennium , to build in an environmentally responsible , optimizing time, cost and logistics of the construction companies but also ensuring lower power consumption, maximum seismic safety , and great thermal insulation power , to those who live in these buildings a new concept. Equipment and cutting edge technologies , production and deliveries planned , tested procedures , studies and collaborations with larger universities ' s Italian engineering have earned Sicilferro all international quality certification that the company and its products are in esteem. The company has also decided to join the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 3834-2:2006 laying down the requirements for the environmental management system . The primary objective is to minimize the ecological risks . It is also the center of pre-shaping service CA processing and metal carpentry workshop authorized by the Ministry of DM 14.01.2008 . The highly technological products and innovative solutions vary according ranging from structural steel to reinforced concrete structures with seven-bearing and one-way slabs , floor to frame structures with unidirectional , bi-directional and bi-directional postensione for major works. Sicilferro for over 30 years , building the future of the building with innovative solutions that respect the environment and humans. ... More ... less

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