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Sicis specialises in mosaic cladding, furniture, accessories, textiles and jewellery. Renowned worldwide, Sicis was founded in Ravenna in 1987 by Maurizio Leo Placuzzi, a businessman determined to revive the ancient art of mosaics. Mosaic work is not easy, especially when performed by hand with each tile cut and positioned manually. This precious and expensive finish attracted the attention of prestigious patrons from the outset. Work for a Saudi sheikh and a Paris hotel along with appearances at international trade fairs drove the company to the top within a few years. Motivated by inventiveness and initiative, the brand's founder created an R&D department and patented innovative tile cutting and laying methods. In addition to marble, Sicis applications include glass paste, Murano glass, metals and precious stones. The adhesive paper-on-net installation method makes it possible to create mosaics that are easy to transport and assemble. Sicis has extended its production to furnishings and accessories with the Jewels division that produces jewellery and watches using the micromosaic technique. Among the most significant works in the Sicis portfolio are the Plaza Hotel in NY, the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, the Burji Al Arab in Dubai, the Mandarin Hotel in NY and Hong Kong, and the Sri Mariamman temple in Bangkok.

Sicis mosaic tiles - precious and inimitable surfaces

The Sicis catalogue offers a variety of mosaic finishes for unique, inimitable surfaces. The glass collections with solid-coloured tesserae in a range of over 700 colours include the square-shaped Waterglass, Glimmer or Antigua lines; the complex forms of Neoglass, Crystal or Diamond; and more unusual proposals like Structura artistic mosaic, available in panels with tesserae of different thicknesses, sizes, colours and textures. Marble mosaics in precious marble, onyx and stone with metal inserts, gold or platinum leaf, or in glass paste, wood or mother-of-pearl are the Sicis flagship products. The master marble workers who decorated Roman churches during the Middle Ages inspired the Cosmati collection whose tesserae and tiles come in a wide range of geometric shapes, colours and sizes to create spirals, concentric circles, waves and one-of-a-kind compositions for unique flooring. The catalogue proposals dedicated to the exclusive Sicis Metallismo metal mosaics are fascinating and innovative. Fabricated with an advanced patented technological process, they are made of steel or brass providing high resistance to oxidation, corrosion, scratches and stains, perfect for damp residential hospitality and public spaces.

Sicis for interior design and architecture

Another exclusive Sicis patent distinguishes VetriteĀ® opalescent glass sheets in a mix of glass, polymers and metals. The unique formulation allows the sheets to be curved and used in double-sided, backlit, semi-transparent or opaque versions. In addition to cladding, the sheets can be used for various applications, from exterior finishes to parapets, partitions and furniture doors. The VetriteĀ® range is available in several collections with different patterns and textures or with reproductions of natural stone like the Electric Marble or Gem Glass collections. The versatile material is the star of the Venus lamp collection or the Koro table designed by Massimiliano Raggi. The Sicis catalogue also includes furnishings and accessories. Lighting ranges from glass lamps, like the Drop collection, to the precious Murano glass lamps in the Tris collection designed by Massimiliano Raggi. The mosaic motif returns to the Fluxus collections, Ledoux sideboards, the upholstery of the Blossom and Palladio armchairs, and the luxurious bed designed by Massimiliano Raggi featuring a mosaic-decorated headboard. Inspiration from mosaic art is present in the Tessere textile collection of blankets, cushions and precious tapestries.

Sicis, high-quality craftsmanship

Sicis was founded at the end of the 1980s thanks to Maurizio Leo Placuzzi's love of mosaic art, of which Ravenna has been the most renowned centre since Roman times. At the time, the mosaic sector was languishing in a limbo of forgotten craft techniques, with only about a thousand employees worldwide. Placuzzi took on the challenge of restoring the art to its former glory, making mosaics a prestigious and sought-after finish. Sicis is an acronym for the Latin expression Sic Immensos Clarosque Inceptus Somniavi, which can be translated as "This is how I dreamed of famous and great undertakings". Maurizio Leo Placuzzi started with a clear vision. From a farmhouse in the Ravenna plains, his artisan business became a factory village covering an area of 80,000 square metres. Sicis remains a unique company of its kind - the only one to have control over the entire production chain while remaining anchored to high-quality artisan production in industrial quantities. Today Sicis has three divisions - Claddings, Home Collection and Jewels - with showrooms in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Rome, New Delhi, Brussels and Madrid, to name a few.

Sicis furniture and accessories for sale online

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