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Forty years’ experience count, especially when dealing with the rest of the world.
Here at Sipa, this time has help us to mature, specialize and diversify.
Since 1974, technology has evolved and the skill base has expanded. Alongside the production of elements in solid wood, we now also produce seats, stools and tables under the Sipa brand.
Some things have remained unchanged, such as the culture of solid wood, handed down to the new generation. The tradition of craftsmanship is a reflection of the firm’s Italian identity that distinguishes the firm in international circles.
This is the calling card of our family, united in our values, and open to contemporary developments. Rapidity is an important word in this world. It’s a way of thinking as well as of working.
This is why the firm has continued to invest in its warehouse with an eye to customer satisfaction, and now has a large area for the storage of products and elements in solid wood. This true asset enables Sipa to respond to client requests, even last minute ones, with extremely rapid turnaround times.
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