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Venice / Italy

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SIRU is leading company in the creation of handcrafted lamps made of Murano glass that is blown inside a stainless steel structure. Because of this unique handicraft production we can customize every item following our customer’s tastes and wishes. Our lamps are strictly Made in Venice, Italy, designed and finished by hand, and utilize only the best materials. Each piece is crafted through a highly specialized manufacturing process which starts with the drawing, then the glass blowing inside a particular stainless steel structure and finally the glass comes alive!

Siru’s creation dates back to 1989, thanks to Rudy Marinotto, who brought his experience and knowledge in techniques and craftsmanship arts. He led the company to success for the high quality of the production, the wide variety of pure and brilliant colored glasses and for the skills of a specialized and highly qualified staff. Siru keeps having a rash attitude towards experiments in the employment and processing of materials, in order to get a high customized production. The company has been experiencing a constant and quick growth and has been developing a widespread commercial net, with several shops either in Italy and abroad. During the years Siru became a reference point and an ir-replaceable partner in the decoration and lighting of interior and outdoor environments.

Siru blown glass lamps: the production process

Sand and minerals are our raw materials. We start from the fusion of these elements in order to get the glass and the processing of the metals to obtain the mold. Our products take shape from the metal cage in stainless steel, in which the glass is blown. The production of blown glass is carried on according to the ancient Murano glass techniques. The glass working cycle is long and complex. It is made up by four different stages, (preparation of mixture, melting, refining, cooling-off to reach the working temper- ature), at which point it is possible to proceed with the processing. In order to obtain particular finishes, before the blowing, the glass may be introduced in a mold that impresses the first finish. Afterwards, the glass is blown inside the steel cage where it shapes and models without encountering the resistance of the mold. The peculiarity of the products Siru is the presence of the metal cage, replacing the mold. The blown glass in the frame of steel, in fact, swells and models itself to obtain the desired shape. Once this process is completed, the handiwork is introduced in a temper, that allows it to cool down gradually, preventing the breakage, and ensures the glass a greater robustness. Only when the glass has cooled you can proceed to subsequent processes: cutting, grinding and drilling, depending on the needs. The blown glass in the cage of steel is, thus, ready to be assembled with other components. The strength of Siru is to have been able to maintain the techniques and the artistic tradition, combining them with a cuttingedge production. Siru in fact over the years has equipped its pro- duction line with the most innovative and technologically advanced, welding robots, threedimensional bendings and polishing baths, making the product extremely reliable. ... More ... less

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