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Sitia is a brand founded in 2002. It is specialized in the creation of seats for contract spaces with a focus on “made in Italy” quality chairs. Sitia is an evolved brand thanks to a deep sartorial knowledge on avant-garde technologies, certified methodologies and innovative structural researches, combined with craftsmanship passion and maximum attention to details. Every Sitia product reflects the value of manufacturing process, research of refined materials and international experience in the furniture sector. Since 2015 the creative direction of the brand has been entrusted to the creative agency of MM Company.

“The human contract”: handmade by humans for humans

In 2016 Sitia presented a new business concept called “the human contract”. A new interior concept which responds to the changing needs of contemporary living, opening the way to adaptable furniture collections which satisfy this new request of “humanity” even in business contexts. Totally customizable items are designed by people for people, promoting a contract idea, inspired by new professional human needs in order to satisfy the needs of everyone thanks to a wide range of materials, variants and prestigious finishes.

Made to measure. An infinite world beyond the catalogue

The brand explores new interior design and functionality concepts which respond to changing needs of the contemporary living. Working and residential spaces need adaptable furniture collections which satisfy this new request of “humanity”. Sitia offers a wide range of products which satisfy these needs. The brand takes advantage of an internal interior design team that studies in project details to find out better construction solutions even from a technical point of view. This allows customers to request changes on standard products – product type, dimensions, materials, finishes – or evaluate together with the company the realization of completely customized items, for which a prototype can be made.

Human made in Sitia

From initial conception to production, Sitia makes entirely handmade products, made in Italy and favouring a short local supply chain in the Veneto region. Each production process is supervised in every single detail thanks to more than 50 years’ experience in the production of chairs. Moreover, the company has an internal production laboratory that allows total customization in its creations, changing fabrics, sizes, materials and finishes. Technological innovation, technical skills, quality and a strong sense of aesthetics affirm the authenticity of Sitia creations. ... More ... less

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