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SkLO is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of hand-blown glass lamps and decorative objects in the Czech Republic with an artisanal method. The company combines the modern California design and centuries-old Czech glass tradition. They design and manufacture the objects from their studios in Healdsburg, Northern California, and the Czech Republic. Every SkLO product is made with a deep appreciation for the richness of its organic material and the historical craft tradition it embodies. SkLO designs demonstrate careful attention to detail and a commitment to achieving the simplest expression of beauty. This belief in simplicity and design discipline is always balanced by a deep respect for the raw material, and closeness to the maker. There’s inherent primal brutality and unexpectedness in glassblowing, and in Czech glass in particular. Masters of the craft make manipulation of molten glass appear effortless, as they employ generations of skillful technique. The designs celebrate this process in their subtle irregularities, making each one a unique reflection of its long history.

SkLo design team

SkLO was founded by husband and wife design team Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak, and visionary Pavel Hanousek. For Karen and Paul, SkLO represented the opportunity to make whole their shared philosophy about craft, while utilizing each of their individual skills. Karen’s as an acclaimed craft artist and metalsmith, whose hands-on work-integrated glass; and Paul’s as a trained and practicing architect with a deep belief in the honesty of materials, expression of process, and importance of restraint. "You can’t tell glass what to do. The unique ability to capture moments in time within glass is what makes the material special."- Paul Pavlak

SkLO Sustainability Statement

SkLO takes advantage of the obvious opportunities to reconsider necessary aspects of what they do as a manufacturer. They have eliminated plastic from their packaging, which is no small feat for a company that deals first and foremost in the glass. And, their raw materials such as brass and handblown glass are themselves recycled directly back into the production stream itself wherever possible. There are other ways to look at sustainability. As designers, they believe in the importance of design, and it’s ability to affect and improve their everyday lives. By making timeless designs and producing them to the highest standards of quality, they offer goods that will last a lifetime or more. Inexpensive goods meant to be switched out and replaced on a whim or fad are the opposite of sustainability.
Everything they make at SkLO is produced in an utterly non-exploitative way. They manufacture 80% of the components that go into their products themselves in the Czech Republic. And, most of what they manufacture is produced from raw materials – billets and sheets of brass are machined and fabricated into components; silica melted into glass. Where they produce SkLO and who makes their work is not driven by cost considerations or bottom-line decisions. Instead, they produce their work in the very best way possible and stand behind it. At the foundation of SkLO is a belief in the value of the hand-made object and the very idea of Craft itself. As designers, they seek to honor and express this in everything they do. The concept of SkLO is to work and celebrate a specific living Craft tradition: Czech glassblowing. They are honored to have the opportunity to work with a living historical craft tradition, a way of making things by hand that has changed little over many hundreds of years of human history, and by doing so, to help preserve it. To sustain it. ... More ... less

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