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Seattle / United States

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Founded in 2007, Slayer is an American boutique espresso machine manufacturer, handcrafting machines with headquarter in Seattle. Joined in Gruppo Cimbali Spa at the end of 2017, Slayer sets high standards to advance the specialty coffee industry with professional machinery. Driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, passion for true craft and an obsession; the best coffee experience for the barista, technician and guest. As designer and manufacturer of revolutionary espresso machines, Slayer has captivated the interest of discerning global clientele.

SLAYER, an example to designing and producing espresso machines

Slayer is fundamentally connected to modern design for the guest, ergonomically sound for the professional barista, with a super intuitive user interface. Slayer is the machine for the discerning coffee professional. Its beauty and craftsmanship command attention. Most importantly, coffee and bar flow are truly exceptional. Created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, handcrafted with no compromises to quality, Slayer expertly achieves only one goal: MAKE COFFEE BETTER™.
Slayer is the recipient of the ‘’Best New Product People’s Choice’’ award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (Slayer Espresso Single Group) in 2015 – a commercial machine known for its prestige in the residential market. The ground-breaking manufacturer was also awarded the ‘’Best New Product at the Show’’ at World of Coffee, Dublin 2016. In recognition of their strong sense of design, creativity and luxury, the company also received the ‘’Best Pop Up Booth Design’’ for SCA Expo Boston 2019 and ‘’The Best Luxury Coffee Maker in the World’’ by Luxury Lifestyle Award in 2020.
Slayer offers two distinct series, Steam and Espresso, feature professional machines that prepare coffee with exclusive technology and design. The flagship product, Slayer Espresso offers mastery over extraction thanks to its patented flow rate control and flavor profiling. Slayer Steam is the solution for the high-volume business that is in the search for perfect balance between excellent beverages and efficiency.
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