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The smarin design studio was founded in 2003. Since then, it has been designing furniture, scenography, fittings and furnishings for public spaces in over 150 countries worldwide. Smarin is known for its unique approach to design, based on a multi-disciplinary team that designs, manufactures in the studio and distributes its projects live. This particularity is a tool for independence and design research. In this way, smarin is able to take an interest in subjects as varied as non-verbal communication and social interaction, therapeutics and mechanics, and pedagogy and heuristics. These privileged research themes often lead smarin to construct situations of interaction and spaces for collective invention using object-tools and furniture-systems. The studio aims to develop a design practice adapted to the challenges of its time, by conceiving simple proposals aimed at feeding the sphere of desires while taking care of fundamental balances.

smarin's iconic collections

Smarin has created several iconic collections over the years, including Play YET! a nail- and screw-free construction system for highly structural elements such as partitions, bars and sofas. It's reversible, so a set can form either a piece of kid's furniture or a desk, or even become a wall-mounted shelf. The studio also constantly explores the forms, structures and textures of Nature, creating biomorphic objects that invite reverie, such as Livingstones, the famous pebble cushions. They were created in 2003. Since then, they have been part of public and private collections, and exhibited in museums and public places all over the world. Whether indoor or outdoor, Livingstones have become design icons, thanks to their unique shape, systemic operation and organic appearance. They opened up a space within space, that of an ideal, permanent vacation, and continue to inspire us. Among smarin's iconic creations is the sChaise, a radical alternative to traditional seating, with a bouncing seat that allows you to sit comfortably and naturally induces healthy posture. This chair is the result of an in-depth exploration of the gestures contained in our routines.

smarin’s singularity

Design studio smarin's pioneering eco-design vision is deeply rooted in its creative process. In addition to focusing on the aesthetics of its creations, studio smarin uses healthy, sustainable materials to manufacture its objects and devices. All its creations are designed and manufactured in France, mainly in its own workshop. This geographical proximity not only drastically reduces transport and environmental impact, but also guarantees working conditions that are relatively unique in the world. In short, by placing great importance on the quality, durability, recyclability and environmental impact of its objects throughout their life cycle, studio smarin is radically committed to design research. ... More ... less

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