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Costa Masnaga / Italy

Society Limonta is an Italian brand that outfits the home with textiles in assorted materials and lively colors full of style and character. Founded in 2000 by the Limonta Group, the brand has revolutionized the concept of household linen with a rich offering that, like the fashion world, is renewed every year with two collections to bring a touch of luxury and novelty to the bedroom, bathroom, and table. The quality standards of Society Limonta's products are exceptional thanks to the use of the finest materials and the most innovative production technologies. Production is totally in-house. The supply chain is not only "Made in Italy," but "Made in Limonta," guaranteeing greater control of the entire cycle from yarn choice to loom construction and customization. The company looks to the future but reinterprets its history, tradition, and artisan values in innovative ways. The creative department conserves a very rich textile archive of over 15,000 jacquard designs produced from the end of the 20th century to the present and over 100,000 designs for fabric printing. These are the starting points for Society Limonta and the main sources of inspiration to interpret, innovate, and transform into new and current ideas.

Society Limonta textile design for the home

Society Limonta always seeks new materials, color palettes, and challenges that keep up with interior design and fashion trends. The brand also revives ancient fabrics, like abaca, a very resistant natural fiber. Production ranges from bed to bath linens to dining textiles to a unique ceramics collection for the kitchen and table. The creation of a fabric by Society Limonta starts from the creative process, which then becomes a reality by working the best yarns on the loom, calibrated for different weaves of linen, cotton, silk, wool, cashmere. The possibilities for experimentation with new and innovative combinations are endless. The last phase of the production cycle is dyeing, a refined process that results in unique textiles with intriguing nuances. When color is added to the finished product, in addition to giving the fabric body and softness, it creates tone-on-tone shades as the dye is absorbed by the fibers in different ways. Always in search of creative directions and new color selections, Society Limonta also experiments with overdyeing, a technique that applies color to already-printed fabrics to create new variations and color contrasts. Together with the textile collections, the Oltre Society - Design Collection completes the Society Limonta lifestyle. The collection is dedicated to the experimentation and development of new products, designed by the in-house creative team or by outside artists and designers.

Textile culture and the history of Society Limonta

Limonta is a distinguished company born in 1893 in Costa Masnaga near Lecco, an especially vibrant textile production district. The company has become one of the most prestigious groups in the sector, and today it is a leader in the clothing and furnishing sectors. Over the years, the company's experience has ensured the preservation of such traditional figures as the warper, the knotter, and the weaving technician. The company also has a propensity for innovation, maintaining strong relationships with young design talents and collaborating with colleges and universities like Politecnico di Milano. The company's creative process is based on the concept of the "collective," as the name of the brand itself suggests. Rather than identifying the brand with a single personality, Society Limonta focuses on teamwork, building a community of creatives who provide surprising input and new ideas. Society Limonta is present not only throughout Italy but also abroad. Stores in London, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, New York, and Los Angeles flank the flagship stores in Milan, Rome, and Lecce. Each store, designed under the direction of architect Ferruccio Laviani, expresses the company philosophy, thanks to the skillful use of materials, color, and fabrics. The company operates in full respect for the environment, with great attention to energy savings. The company's electricity is self-produced thanks to highly efficient photovoltaic and thermal systems, ensuring energy recovery with a yield of close to 100%. All production processes, including dyeing, comply with the strictest regulations to guarantee people's health and environmental protection. ... More ... less

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