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Conceived in Australia, designed by high caliber designers from around the world and 100% manufactured in Italy. SP01 is a new collection for an international audience. The SP01 team had a very clear vision, to create a new collection based on rigorous design and honest materials. Design integrity, quality and authenticity are at the core of the brands ethos and collaborating with world-class designers and manufacturers are the foundations on which it is built.

The launch collection has been designed by the renowned Milan-based studio Metrica (formerly Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners) and to ensure the collection is of the highest quality, SP01 turned to Italy’s leading manufacturers and Italian craftsmen experienced in producing for the world’s leading brands. The result is a collection which features the essentials for living, a comprehensive collection featuring furniture for indoor and outdoor with a focus on residential and soft contract furniture.

SP01: Additional Background

SP01 began with a conversation between colleagues who were discussing what else could be done in the furniture market. Working with the world’s leading brands, they saw how the best created, what was involved in the design, the rigors of manufacture and the quality of materials. They were in a unique position as they learned from the best and understood what was needed.

SP01 evolved from this conversation. The aim was to create something truly international that would sit beautifully next to any of the world’s leading bands and complement it. A design that was as relevant in an NYC studio as it was in a central London terrace. It should furnish homes both large and small, Tokyo to Sydney. Honest, approachable, clean and simple – design everyone can appreciate. ... More ... less

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