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Alexandria / Australia

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SP01 is a design furniture brand that stands out for its dual heart: design designed in Australia and made in Italy. The concept is unique, as is the birth of the brand, following a conversation between colleagues who were looking for a new direction in the furniture industry. SP01 was established in its early days as an international design brand, with the aim of creating furnishings that would be perfect in a New York loft as well as a terrace in London or a sea view house in Sydney. To give concrete form to this ambitious vision, the road to SP01 went through the creation of furniture with an uncompromising design, using materials honestly and frankly. The SP01 team, well known in the retail design sector, has made good use of the work done with the main brands, making the most of what they have seen in terms of production and quality of materials, respecting high standards of design and production.
For the launch collection, the brand collaborated with the Milanese studio Metrica, and immediately decided to turn to skilled Italian craftsmen for the production. The result is a collection dedicated to the living room that includes sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and coffee tables made only with the best materials, such as solid ash wood, carved and then finished by hand.

SP01 living furniture: design and quality

The path that leads to the creation of a SP01 furniture does not allow any compromise to quality: in addition to the choice of the most reliable manufacturers, when it comes to design, SP01 chooses to work only with professionals who espouse the vision, with a view to creating objects and furnishings that tell the key concepts dear to the brand itself, such as ethics and a visual characterized by rigor and absolute integrity.
After the collaboration with the studio Metrica (Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners), for the launch collection, with essential elements for living furniture such as tables, coffee tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas, the vision of the company has expanded to launch new design products, forming a complete collection for indoor and outdoor. This is demonstrated by the latest catalogues signed by designers Rundle and Fereday.
Drawing inspiration from the contract success of the Michelle collection, Tim Rundle developed the concept of the arch to create seating that is a jewel of architectural geometry. A Michelle chair is characterized by its bold style, with oval or round backrests and circular bases that are assembled on thin frames made of tubular steel. The high-back model has the same geometric pattern, with an oval backrest that stands out like a sculptural form within the surrounding space.
In 2019 comes the Outdoor collection of SP01 by Australian designer Tom Fereday, who has imagined every single piece capable of withstanding the inhospitable environments typical of his homeland. Made entirely in Italy, the Outdoor collection of SP01 is characterized by a light and elegant design. The bar stool and armchair from the Jeanette collection, which the designer Fereday declines by extrapolating the suspended slingshot shape that already characterizes the entire design of the series, have a charm of yesteryear and a lightness given by the steel rod structure.

Sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs for a contemporary living

The SP01 sofas and armchairs, strictly made in Italy, are characterized by their important shapes and casual but very elegant look: these elements are designed by SP01 for a living environment that changes constantly but wants to preserve the elegance. An example of the evolution of the SP01 living collections is the Yee storage furniture system, designed by Metrica. It is an element designed to skillfully conceal all the cables and technology that you don't want to display, instead displaying only the objects you love. There are many compositions available, but the system is flexible and customizable according to specific needs.
The Thomas armchair, also designed by Metrica, can count on modest proportions, an aspect that makes it particularly suitable to be inserted in a wide range of environments. The seat can also be chosen without upholstery, or with integrated upholstery, which results in an aerodynamic-looking end result. The bar stool completes the Thomas family, in which it fits perfectly, with the same design elements that make the series memorable. In combination with the almost infinite options for the coatings, the Thomas series can be perfectly integrated into any interior.
Another project by Metrica for SP01 draws inspiration from the Italian sofa par excellence: it is the Max armchair, whose delicate silhouette is accompanied by artfully sewn details, ideal for those who want to suggest a feeling of discreet luxury. Etoile coffee tables boast an original design developed on three legs, with the insert of characteristic profiles that separate the table top from the frame, giving off a general sense of lightness and refinement.
Among the coffee tables, the Mohana, designed by Tim Rundle, is made up of a series of modern and complementary elements in which marble and glass are perfectly combined, supported by a thick steel structure, a clear homage to industrial style and the beauty of the materials considered to be work materials. Mohana coffee tables are at the same time extremely functional and also carefully designed down to the smallest detail. Each individual table consists of two levels, whose surfaces offer a pleasant contrast of materials: they are perfect as coffee tables, but can also be interpreted as bedside tables, alone or in pairs.

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