Long Island City / United States

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STICKBULB manufactures LED lights in New York City from sleek wooden beams. Reclaimed materials are sourced from locally demolished buildings and sustainably managed forests in order to hand craft their signature fixtures, which range from small desk lamps to room-filling custom installations.
The Stickbulb modular system and its designs are a creation of RUX, an interdisciplinary design studio that divides its time between its own inventions and innovating for clients such as Unilever, Samsung, and Pernod Ricard.
Stickbulb emerged when RUX designers fell in love with a pile of scrap wood in the corner of their workshop.
“Excitement around that little pile of sticks literally took over our entire studio” recalls RUX founder and creative director Russell Greenberg, “It was and continues to be a perfect vehicle to express our playful love of structure and our deep respect for the origin and lifecycle of raw materials.”
Stickbulb was co-founded in 2012 by Yale School of Architecture graduates Russell Greenberg and Christopher Beardsley as a way to combine their mutual love of architecture, modular systems, and sustainable manufacturing. Born from a pile of scrap wood, the original objective of Stickbulb was to “build with light,” which has since been fulfilled in collaborations with brands like Google, Facebook and Wholefoods as well as private commissions for hotels, offices and residences across the globe. ... More ... less