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Water, design, passion: this is the energy that moves the company Stocco. Founded in 1969 by the brothers Stocco, the company has specialized in the furniture sector and, in particular, in the production of bathroom furniture. During the last thirty years, Stocco has consolidated its presence in the world of design bathroom furniture becoming an international leader in quality Italian production and investment in innovation with iconic collections such as Vela, Quarantotto, the Origami bathtub, the Iks, Over, Loop furniture systems.

Stocco DNA

The success of the company Stocco is the result of teamwork that has been built up over 50 years and continues with determination into the future. The objective of F.lli Stocco is to maintain and improve the quality standards achieved with continuous attention to the improvement of both products and services provided to customers. At the center of this working method, which tends to continuous improvement, there are the people who, for various reasons, collaborate and interact daily with the company. For Stocco, this takes the form of social responsibility for the management of health and safety at work; respect for suppliers and the search for continuous improvement of partnerships; the management and improvement of services offered to the retailer customer and, in particular, to its employees.

Quality and Sustainability

Stocco has always been oriented towards quality production, designed to last over time, respectful of raw materials, enhanced by careful processing. Over the last few years, the company has developed a focus on processes oriented towards sustainability and environmental protection. It is a choice of responsibility that increasingly involves the product life cycle, through design and customer service. The orientation towards sustainability is an evolving path. It translates into choices for making durable products, designing timeless aesthetics, enhancing the quality of materials and the use of raw materials and semi-finished products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. It is coupled with a review of industrial production processes to minimize the environmental impact of processing, optimize energy resources, and implement the circular economy.

The Tailormade approach

Tailored design - Tailored design means designing flexible product systems with durable aesthetics to furnish the bathroom environment with a high level of customization and, at the same time, with the quality guarantee of industrial standards.
Tailored craft - Tailored craft means offering each customer the possibility to compose their own project by accessing a range of solutions designed to enhance the uniqueness of the environment and promote stylistic originality.
Tailored service - Tailored service means giving value to the service with the goal of total quality in mind, all the way from the initial contact to the support during the design phase and after-sales service.

The Tailormade Stocco proposal

Tailormade Stocco offers designers, architects and interior designers a set of customizable solutions for the bathroom. Each Tailormade Stocco composition can be developed by integrating the systems and collections with the proposed tops and complementary products to create original design projects, unique in character, harmony and aesthetics. The strength of the Tailormade Stocco proposal lies in the wide and accurate selection of materials available for the project, selected for their characteristics, performance and technological finishes that are always functional for the bathroom environment. Stocco offers specialized support for bathroom professionals ranging from design to after-sales service with a dedicated consulting service.

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