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STRAL is the outdoor architectural lighting brand of Palazzoli Group. For years STRAL’s goal has been to produce outdoor lighting fixtures using exclusively stainless steel, a material from which they have never strayed from because it allows them to be introduced without any limitation into all natural contexts that require it, even the harsher. The reliability of the brand joins and evolves with research and design to generate a renewed, unique, and precious style. Style that we find in the new complete collection that covers every type of application necessary for outdoor lighting, such as floor and wall luminaires, bollards, projectors, up to pole-mounted systems for public lighting. Over time STRAL has specialized in the use of stainless steel, which, thanks to the new textures and finishes of the new collection, is dressed on a livery that dialogues with the surrounding environment. For this catalog, the purity of the geometries seemed to be the most effective line to create a common thread with stainless steel’s essence. The value of he lighting component is the result of Palazzoli’s experience which has shown, over the years, great attention in the development of performing and innovative lamp bodies.

The Group’s history

The history of Palazzoli, in the electrical material production sector, begins between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century when Federico Palazzoli gave life to his company driven by highly innovative ideas for the time. From the start of the first plant for the production of electrical and lighting equipment dedicated to industry, the atex sector, infrastructure and the naval sector, Palazzoli continues to represent an illustrious cross-section of Italian industrial history, today appreciated all over the world. The design genesis bears the signature of Alessandro Zambelli combining formal rationality and expressive freedom. A duality that arises from the concept of application flexibility of new precious and modular lighting bodies. Reinterpreting the perception of a noble material such as stainless steel, the great work was to give new chromatic and tactile lymph, thinking of increasingly heterogeneous installations for Stral products. The innovative HCT (Hard Coating Treatment) finishes of the new collection: Inox Natural – Inox Graphite – Inox Bronze guarantee high surface resistance to corrosion and atmospheric agents as well as making the products anti-fingerprint and anti-stain.

Laboratory, Research & Development

All tests on lighting fixtures are carried out in the certified internal laboratory. The internal laboratory carries out homologation tests on all products which are subsequently certified by accredited bodies. The photometries are tested directly in the factory. The Palazzoli laboratory is equipped with adequate tools including the rotating mirror gonio-photometer with a spectro-radiometer for measuring the quality of light. This and other test tools contribute to guaranteeing and certifying the quality of STRAL luminaires and to assist customers in all design phases. ... More ... less

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