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Roma / Italy

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Edoardo Navarra is a product designer, founder and creator of EN twentythree. A line home and design furnishings completely designed, developed and produced in Italy. EN twentythree is inspired by passion and hobby concepts. All the products were born from an accurate research of item to upcycle, these become a real unique products, for this reason and more over for the items market availability and accessibility, all products are unique pieces, numbered and exclusives. Thanks to the creative and engineering skills of the EN twentythree team all the upcycled items are merged with innovative spirit and a functional aspects in order to have products with an unique past and an unforgettable future. The products are made in a mechanic’s Italian workshop through an artisanal or numeric control processes. EN twentythree team gives to each upcycled items a second possibility, a story to tell, with a soul and an age expressed both by the object itself and his “wrinkles” and by the origins owner’s name. The products can be created even with your collectibles, so you do not have to leave it in a box or in a forgotten drawer, but you can give them a second life. ... More ... less


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