Stylish Club

Porto / Portugal

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Stylish Club stands out as a post-modern brand built on references from the past, while preserving the characteristics of a contemporary label. The brand develops prestigious furniture through the creation of a differentiated design, inspired by a sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle, where tradition is constantly reinterpreted under contemporary and innovative frames. They aim to constantly rediscovering distinctive connections between different objects and materials paying special attention to the environment, as well as every material and detail. Stylish Club adds a touch of luxury to the art of living by conceptualizing unique interiors imbued with style.

The values of Stylish Club

The values that represent Stylish Club are transparency, trust, patrimonial and cultural heritage, preservation and sustainability. The Stylish Club applies a rigorous and customized approach: each piece is designed for an exclusive market and to be long-lasting. The Stylish Club philosophy aim at cultural plurality: each member of the club is a unique individual working towards the creation of products and environments that evoke a sense of individual and collective identity, of belonging to a distinct and sophisticated club. Stylish Club combines tradition and technology, thus creating a symbiotic relationship of perfect harmony between the artisanal and secular techniques of joinery and carpentry, as well as the advantages inherent to the use of new technologies in the production of furniture. Their mission is to refine the design of furniture in search of technological innovation combined with artisanal methods, providing a sense of elegance and luxury to each client. ... More ... less

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