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Talin on the market since 1955, designs and manufactures chairs, tables and complements for office and community with a complete production cycle. The office chairs departement is specialized in task, managerial and meeting chairs and armchairs. The community departement is concentrated in chairs, tables and complements for waiting areas, teaching, meeting, auditorium with specific attention to hospitals, hotels, airports, ports, schools, universities, restaurants, coffees, reading rooms, congressional and domestic. Talin factory is extended into an area of 20,000 square meters of which 13,000 are covered.


Our commitment from long time is dedicated to plan and to realize quality, safe and reliable products for long time using. Using materials and manufacturing technologies with reduced environmental impact, Talin is a socially responsible company with recognized awards by Government, Schools, Associations, Customers and Suppliers. The certificates and awards received, evidencing our real commitment, and confirm a transparent and credible production process wich is ethically added in a fair competition and in a truly sustainable growth path.


At the beginning are many resolved thoughts going around into a young mind. Afterwards those thoughts take shape and they changes into some ideas. At the end the ideas focalize themselves and they leave space to the real Busieness - idea. That idea become convinction day by day more carrying the young man to rush head long himself with the desire in winning and realize something very special. Established in 1955 by Francesco Talin as metal components manufactory for kitchen chairs and tables, Talin had a long period of expansion and prosperity during the sixty years. Afterwards, during the seventy years, Talin company bought the areas and developed the buildings of its actual production-center of Cornedo. Talin is now a specialized producer for for office and istitutional authorities seatings.

Research and Innovation

The Talin's Research and Development Center is engaged in studying and developing new models and in taking decisions to improve the actual items. During the prototype stage are also present the department engages on the production process to check, by a study on the fattibility, eventual production difficulties and the industrialization times. The Talin Production System Works by the MRP sofisticate software system that is studied concerning to the particulary requirements of the company. Talin's planning dept. can check all production stages so is able to accept everyday also very urgent orders as requires the actual market situation.


The interest showed from the Talin side on the evolution of the technology and production systems has always influenced its decisions. The items of talin spa have an high quality level and an exclusive design with a particular attention on the ergonomic study wich has permitted to obtain models in accordance with the present European standards and law and in conformity with the security system regulations. The Talin Production System Works by the MRP sofisticate software system that is studied concerning to the particulary requirements of the company. The flexibility of the production process permits to have short times for the delivery of big and small quantities. Our factory works by stock of raw material while the production (painting. Covering and assembling departments) realizes the items “just in time”. Talin's planning departement constantly check all stages of the production process so that our system is able to accept daily even urgent orders, which are now required by the market. The attention to detail, the production technique of internal staff, the supply chain and the choice of materials of highest quality/performance level gives an unique identity to our products.


The Customer's satisfation is for Talin a constant choose which engages all departments of the company. This constant permits to identify the “internal” customers represented by operators situated in the various work stages. Each operator is engages on the production process and takes into his consideration that the quality depends also from his activity. The products are projected following the European Standards and the resistance proof are also made in respect of the actual European and Italian law requests.


Communication and image play an increasingly important role in the world to spread the reality Talin. Modern telecommunication technologies such as the Internet also allows a more simple and immediate communication with the world. Just type in your website: www.talin.com to get in direct contact with the trade of Talin. Talin during the business has given particular attention to a clear and Transparent communication, participating in national and international exhibitions, giving the opportunity to our customers to establish longtime partnerships, become today inseparable assets of the company.


The commitment of Talin in the production of durable goods takes into particularly attention the social and environmental impacts of their production processes and procurement of raw materials. Talin used for the realization of products: non-toxic materials, and recycled and recyclable timber from sustainable and programmed forest management. Our product cycles are calculated to minimize energy consumption (although this is self-produced by 'Company), air emissions are within the lowest possible parameters and a constant attention is given on the water saving with good results in economic benefits and consumption. Much attention is given to use of recyclable packaging. Most of our products are designed to take account of their life cycle taking care also to the easiest action for the recovery of components to be recycled once the use of the product end. Talin is certified UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004.

Made in Italy

Our choice for the defense of quality, design, tradition. The company Talin believes that the production labeled Made in ... , Is considered such if it is implemented in its entirety in the country where you do the work. In support of this is relevant to the Italian news are full, long committed to spreading very often, opposing views, even to 'internal politics and the lobby of the various associations. The company Talin has always chosen to produce in Italy everything that needs to carry their products, only a few components that are not available from Italian production, are purchased to 'inside the European Community from renowned companies producing in Europe (Ex . gas springs for adjusting the seats). For this reason, Talin has created the slogan: "Talin RESEARCH and PRODUCTION TOTAL Made in ITALY," to provide its customers with the 'originality, creativity, design and quality that distinguishes a real product made ​​in Italy. ... More ... less
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