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Tapis Rouge is a world-renowned brand that produces fine, hand-knotted carpets in natural materials like wool, silk, cotton and linen created with ancient techniques like those traditionally used by Nepalese craftspeople. The brand's main office in Moscow is flanked by offices in Milan, Dubai and Los Angeles, where the company offers architects, designers and clients custom service to create made-to-order design carpets. The company can also personalise its various models, thanks to its team of artists, architects, colourists and upholsterers. Tapis Rouge carpets have been chosen for the Diamond Fund, the Kremlin's spaces housing its 17th - 20th-century jewellery collection, and the Moscow State Museum of History.

Tapis Rouge, designer carpets that have conquered Milan

During the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair, Tapis Rouge exhibited its collection of luxury carpets at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, garnering the interest of the Italian press and public with a collection developed in collaboration with Angelina Askeri. These carpets were inspired by early 20th century cultural and architectural heritage - the soft, decorative lines of Art Nouveau, the geometries of 1920s modernism - and allusions to Casimir Malevich, Alexander Exter and Le Corbusier. The carpets are made from New Zealand wool and Chinese silk, with silver and gold threads hand-knotted in Nepal. They are designed to blend effortlessly into interiors, thanks to a colour palette that ranges from soft sapphire or antique pink shades to bolder hues such as coral red and caramel. The architecture of such masters as Le Corbusier, Santiago Calatrava and Frank Gehry, and designer Alberto Pinto inspired the experimental and contemporary Ambiance collection, presented in 2019. The same year saw the introduction of Frozen, a series of fine carpets designed by Olga Malyeva as a tribute to Russian winter landscapes, Lake Baikal and Peter Bronfin's urban environments. The products are characterised by the juxtaposition of bright colours, a symbol of childhood, and paler, monochrome shades characteristic of snowy landscapes.
In 2020, Tapis Rouge won the Archiproducts Design Awards with its Composition XVIII wool and silk carpet from the Abstraction collection inspired by the shapes, volumes and geometries of 20th-century artistic movements. The carpet features a delicate balance of rectangular elements and lines intersecting at right angles in a range of soft colours, including cool pink, lilac, blue and white. That same year, Tapis Rouge also presented the Val Camonica and Himalaya collections. The first, inspired by the rock drawings in Val Camonica carved into the rock more than 8000 years ago, is made of handmade Nepalese rugs using natural materials that refer to ancient figurative motifs with new palettes of colours, weaves and materials. The second, defined by the company as a more sober and relaxed collection, perfectly reproduces the natural colour combinations of Himalayan landscapes - the reflections of dawn on glaciers, deep mysterious lakes, pink salt crystals, slate - with a complex interplay of shades and textures in silk, wool and hemp fibres.

The timeless elegance of Tapis Rouge carpets

Alongside contemporary design carpets, Tapis Rouge offers more classic versions like those that influenced the Modern Classics collection. That collection results from an up-to-date approach using classic and timeless motifs like Persian damask and French floral ornaments, renewed by contemporary colour schemes that reinterpret antiquity and historical tradition. The Chinoiserie collection of luxury carpets has an exotic feel, inspired by ancient images and illustrations in the archives of Chinese warehouses in Ningxia on the Mongolian border, inspiring an entire system of myths, legends and world visions. The carpets are made of pure silk or a combination of silk and New Zealand wool. They maintain the system of symbols and geometric principles of traditional rugs while innovating colour combinations and compositions to suit contemporary tastes and blend perfectly with even the most modern interiors.

Tapis Rouge carpets for sale online

Buy Tapis Rouge handmade and fully customisable carpets online. More than 200 exclusively designed carpets are available on the Archiproducts e-commerce site! ... More ... less

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