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Technogym, known throughout the world as "The Wellness Company", is the company that has introduced instead of the simple concept of "fitness"; the broader and deeper concept of Wellness, a true well-being understood as a positive mental approach, a lifestyle that includes, in addition to physical activity, also a healthy diet. Technogym wants to help people live better thanks to its equipment, which can be used both in the gym and at home, to which it adds a series of digital and connected services and programs to allow anyone to access their training programs on any equipment: it's the Wellness Connected Experience!

The complete range of Technogym tools

The Wellness Connected Experience allows Technogym's clients to access personalized training services at any location, from the gym to the office, from a hotel to a school or doctor's office. All customers have access to facilitated services both on a project and financial level and can always count on the support of Technogym operators. Technogym trains professional athletes so they know what the right equipment is to achieve their goals: lose weight or strengthen their muscles, support their back or increase their strength. Technogym's range of equipment is one of the most varied and complete in the world: cardio equipment, for functional or strength training, for group activities, etc. These are products whose high quality is demonstrated by the fact that for six Olympics and Paralympics, Technogym was the official supplier. The product range ranges from cycling and rowing gear with the MYCYCLING and SKILLROW series to treadmills for slimming or staying fit, such as MYRUN TECHNOGYM or Run Personal. PURE STRENGTH or Selection Pro, but also the Power Personal line, are suitable for those who want to increase their strength, while the Artis line is dedicated to cardio training. All Technogym products, besides being professional and of high functional quality, are also very well designed, perfect for an elegant gym at home or in the office, but they are also perfect in the medical or rehabilitation field, providing valid support to those who need to recover their strength after an operation or a forced rest period. Group training or socializing activities can also use Technogym's specific Group Cycle and SKILLROW Class programs.

From fitness to wellness with Technogym

Technogym was founded in 1983 by Nerio Alessandri and his brother Pierluigi, designing his first sports equipment in his home garage at the age of 22, driven by a great passion for technology and sport, Techno+Gym, from which the brand name was later derived. Only a year after its foundation, the first line for strength training, Isotonic Line, was born, while in 1986 Unica, the first line dedicated to training at home, came out. It immediately became a design icon, thanks to its elegance and compact dimensions, which concentrated an entire gym in one square meter, but also a status symbol, opening the doors to the concept of wellness, wellness, introduced for the first time by Nerio Alessandri a few years later. Wellness is therefore untied from the hedonistic concept of fitness as an end in itself, and becomes a transversal value that puts physical and mental health on an equal footing. Anticipating the current smart watches by several years, Technogym introduced the Wellness System in 1996, with a personal TGS key, the first system to manage your training with a portable device that can be used on any equipment: by activating the equipment you want to use with the personal key, you can always keep track of your training program and check its progress and results. In the new millennium, Nerio Alessandri decided to found the Wellness Foundation, to counteract the sedentariness that is spreading more and more in the internet age, promoting the social importance of physical activity and proper nutrition and raising awareness of proper education for the movement. For the first time in 2000, Technogym was the official supplier to the Sydney Olympics, handling the athletic training of over 10,000 sports professionals with its equipment. The Australian one is only the first of 6 other Olympics in which Technogym will be chosen as official supplier: Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 and PyeongChang 2018. Skillmill is the innovative equipment that is launched in 2016 and that revolutionizes treadmill sports training, as it is not motorized equipment, but directly activated by the movement of the athlete, allowing athletes to train by increasing strength, speed and power exactly as if they were running outdoors. A year later Skillrow and Skillrun were born, key products for professional and competitive training, and finally Skillbike, which definitely completes the Skill Line range. In 2018 Biocircuit adds an innovative new system in the connected wellness area: a complete guided strength and cardio training program, concentrated in the short 30-minute interval, fully customizable and adaptable to the athlete's needs. ... More ... less

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