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For more than thirty years TECHNOVA produces custom-made items for bathroom furnishings in Pietraluce®: basins for top and built-in basins, basins for public bathrooms, Washbasins, top for basins, shower trays, bathtubs, shelves, sheets for wall pannelling and other accessories. Our long experience, our distinctive professionalism, the best technologies we use, as well as the quality of our materials, have assured the success of our products over the years. Their resistance and durability are guaranteed by thousands of supplies for a variety of uses: bathrooms for residences, bathrooms for hotels, bathrooms for shopping centre and public spaces (autogrills, exhibition centres, department stores, cinemas). bathrooms for schools, hospitals, cruise ships and many others. All our items have been craftmade in Italy and they have been completely hand finished by our expert technicians.This enables us to supply a high quality products, unique and exclusive, and to guarantee its endurance in the respect of the tradition of the MADE IN ITALY.
All our products are made in our exclusive material Pietraluce®: it is a compound of hydrated alumina, titanium dioxide and polyester resin, covered by a thick layer of resin ISO-NPG which grants shine, resistance, impermeability and anti-scale features. Pietraluce® is resistant to acids, solvents and to liquid cleaning products; it has anti-bacterial properties, it is non-flammable and self-extinguishing.
Scratches or stains of cigarette can be removed by a normal polishing paste. Small repairs of chipping or deep cuts can be done by using our maintenance kit. Pietraluce® exists also in two special versions (Lux and Roche) and in many other effects and colours, also on customer’s sample, both in shine and mat version. Our Pietraluce® Mat has many advantages in comparison to similar materials: The surface is more compact and with no porosity or impurities, more difficult to get dirty and anyhow easier to clean.Greater resistance to acids, solvents and dyes. Possibility of making any colour, even on a customer's sample, without restrictions on quantities. Higher colour stability also in light tones, particularly in the white. Greater ease of repair of the surface, in case of injury of any tipe and size. ... More ... less




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