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Pomezia / Italy

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Tecno K Giunti is leading for the design & production of seismic joint covers (Expansion Joint Profiles) for use on all civil and industrial structures such as: hospitals, shopping malls, railway stations, factories, car parks, airports. Tecno K Giunti also designs,with success, ad hoc joint systems for complex issues, tailor-made solutions in all areas of engineering. Tecno K Giunti supports, with the professionalism and experience of its technical team, designers, business owners, entrepreneurs, public administrations. The continuous process of innovation that characterizes Tecno K Giunti can be found in the new series K Move: for joints up to 1 m of wide and movements up to + / – 950 mm, specific for the isolated structures by the earthquake, able to meet the stringent requirements of the new anti-seismic regulations. The combination of technology, experience, beauty and functionality, which well represents the made in Italy, is our mission. ... More ... less

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Conference - SAIE 2014 Bologna Earthquake and non-structural elements
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