Thea Kuta

Zurigo / Switzerland

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The term “Thea Kuta” refers to a type of weaving technique developed and produced by Elisa Bortolussi. With the aim to create an experience of yarn as an alternative tool for visual expression, she travelled from Italy to Mexico and from Nigeria to Ghana to research how women all over the world interpret this method of artistry. Thus “Thea Kuta” is an experimental art-form which embraces elements of different cultures: combining the aspects of contemporary design and geometry with the weaving traditions, allowing design to meet art, and letting the lampshade become a sculpture.

Not just tradition

First, geometry. Then, colour. The creative path of Elisa Bortolussi follows these two concepts. And this is essentially due to the separator between planning and making; these actions are well visible in her works and they are deeply distinct even at the moment of visual perception. At the beginning, the artist develops the structure of her work through the drawing; she prepares a project view, where primary geometries (triangle, square, circle) shape her whole work and give it its final structure. It is not only a simple fusion or arrangement of figures. The different shapes intersect and overlap so as to originate compound geometries, sometimes regular, sometimes only perceptual. Thea Kuta welcomes not just tradition, but as well technology and new materials. That’s how the different collection are born: from the SPHERE, where the architectural structure give a sense of deepness and trimensional effect , to the FLOR where the leather combined to the cotton gives a very stable and romantic style to the surrounding, to the UFO where a futuristic feeling arise, and the Double Pendulums that transmits a very sophisticated and elegant touch and finally the MEDUSA where Thea Kuta explores the lasercut maschine tecnique. Colour combination is as well a sector Thea Kuta explore endlessly perceiving a universal sensitivity towards color that can be applied in daily life. Shadow is as well an interesting result of the Thea Kuta technique, that allows the space to witness a game of optical illusion and transparencies. Other than her independent work, she has also been producing and designing in the last 7 years commissioned work for Missoni Home and she collaborates with architects all over the world developing and curating custom made projects. Every piece is handmade by Elisa Bortolussi in her studio in Zurich (Switzerland) with 100% cotton and leather and the frames are made of steel. ... More ... less

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