Asola / Italy

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Asola Vetro born on 1968 as a family business of basic processing of float glass for the civil building. Since 1975, was introduced the Jumbo size (wide sheet of glass) as raw material, and was installed the first insulating-glass plant. In ’80 started the industrial supplying of heating glasses for freezer doors, this new market area outlined the skills to manage products and manufacturing processes with superior technologies. New plants with a higher degree of automation follows in the years, including thermal treatments, laminating and development of customized tools with special features. The participation to important EXPOs upholds Asola Vetro Srl as a leader in the business of electric heating glass, proposing products and innovative solution aimed both to well-known markets and new and unexplored ones. TODAY_ Our company plants include: • Software for production management • Automatic cutting line to Jumbo size • Automatic grinding line • Horizontal tempering line • Production line to Heating glass AVHGS patented • Insulating glass line • Automatic drive system • Laminated glass line ... More ... less


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