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Frankenberg / Germany

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Thonet is one of the worlds oldest furniture manufacturers. The family enterprise is headquartered in Frankenberg and produces exquisite furniture for the interior of private homes and for public spaces since 1819. Already in 1859 Michael Thonet, founder of the company, first introduced a furniture production on an industrial scale. He employed a brand new technique of bending solid beechwood and created the iconic "Coffee chair" No. 14. Another important material used by Thonet in manufacturing furniture is tubular steel. In the 1930s the company had become the world's biggest manufacturer of highly innovative furniture associated to the great names of the Bauhaus: Mart Stam, Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer. Not only Thonet's bentwood furniture, also its creations in tubular steel are considered milestones in the history of design. The company is constantely extending its array of products. Thonet revises classics, devises numerous variations and editions and presents new models signed by nationally and internationally renowed designers. With its courage to make new proposals, to employ advanced technologies and suggest unusual design, while always keeping true to its own traditions, achieved Thonet international acknowledgement. ... More ... less