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Founded in 1951 in Ascoli Piceno by Giacomo and Gabriele Tondi, TM Italia is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of custom-made kitchens. In 1998 TM Italia introduced an innovative production system, which allows it to produce unique pieces while using industrial standardization processes. Thus, the company is able to combine the excellent craftsmanship made in Italy with industrial production methods, also thanks to the constant technological research carried out by the TM Italia LAB team, in collaboration with Research Centers and Universities. The TM Italia catalogue not only offers kitchens, but also solutions integrated with other environments and systems for home automation, intended for domestic environments and the retail and hospitality sectors. The company today enjoys a strong reputation at international level, as demonstrated by the numerous turnkey projects carried out in different countries and the widespread presence of TM Italia's laboratories all over the world. In 2015 TM Italia received the ISO 9001 certification for quality management, followed by the most authoritative certifications for sustainability and respect for the environment, thanks to the use of panels made of recycled wood.

Customizable and custom-made kitchens by TM Italia

The Prêt a projet range combines the collections of tailor-made kitchens from the TM Italia catalogue. All the kitchens in the range can be configured as desired, choosing between 5 depths and 5 heights, with a palette of more than 50 colors and about 350 materials. The Miuccia kitchen, designed by Ruadelpapavero, is one of the company’s bestsellers and the ancestor of the products covered by the “Green Cycle Design” project. This project involves the use of an innovative bio-coat coating with an active ingredient that neutralizes odors that are normally emitted in the kitchen. Miuccia is characterized by a young and dynamic design, thanks to the bold combinations between the polished and reflective pink copper base, feet and handles and the decided colors of the doors, decorated with a three-dimensional partition with bands. Also, by Ruadelpapavero, the Rua kitchen is inspired by the industrial style of lofts, with its anthracite-colored metal structure and hood, which dialogues with the Ardoise Noire effect porcelain stoneware top. The doors, in the refined smoked oak finish, are characterized by a three-dimensional effect given by the vertical milling, which is also repeated in the Scannellato Belga glass that characterizes the doors of the showcases. The kitchen is composed of an island on feet surmounted by a metal structure topped by a cylinder-shaped hood, and columns with doors, windows and open spaces, perfectly integrated with the living room.
The D90 kitchen, Marco Taietta’s design, is inspired by the nautical world, with doors and profiles that create a thin safety strip around the floor. D90 has a compact and essential design, and practical elements such as the doors of the sliding wardrobes of reduced width, or the peninsula’s pass-through drawer. The Belgian Blue stone top and bottom create an elegant contrast with the Ardennes beige doors and fronts.

TM Italia's LAB collection, the kitchen meets home automation

About ten years ago the first home automation kitchen by TM Italia was born, thanks to the experimentations of TM Italia's LAB. Her name is Petra, soon to become one of the icons representing the style and savoir faire of the company.
Designed by Gianluca Tondi, Petra celebrates travertine by using it to create a block-shaped island that hides the worktop and appliances from the outside view. The island is equipped with electro-assisted opening drawers with internal LED lighting, while the columns, in corten steel, are equipped with doors that can be controlled by remote control. The most recent version, Petra (18), designed by the duo of architects Bernhardt&Vella, is characterized by the presence of recessed handles that, arranged alternately horizontally and vertically, create a decorative motif. The design exalts the characteristics of natural stone, the main material of the surfaces, with the doors of the columns in Ceppo di Gré mounted on bronze frames, and the top of the island and the marble bottom in Black Marquinia. The shelves and doors of the island in brown material oak serve as a counterpoint, creating a refined contrast. With the Neolite kitchen, TM Italia presents the evolution of Petra, proposing the same concept based on the attention-seeking of natural stone. Designed by Ruadelpapavero, it consists of a large island covered with Brown Gold stone, with a central antiqued bronze insert that hides inside the sink, the stove, the vertically removable oven and the hood. Once this precious chest is closed, the kitchen becomes a living room, thanks to the columns, closed with antique bronze doors and with backlit windows in sycamore. ... More ... less

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