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Tubes Radiatori, born in 1994, with thirty-years-experience previously gained by the company partners in the plumbing and heating sector, is credited on the market for its radiators and towel rails whose added value is the union between high technology and design. The personality traits of Tubes’ philosophy focus on the special features of its products offer, aimed at a target niche that is extending towards a consumer lover of design and even more attentive to the quality of products and to energy savings. Tubes is now able to answer this question with radiators able to characterize the architecture of the space, declining design in terms of technical specifications which also meet high quality standards. The company believes it is essential to invest resources into research and testing of alternative materials and new technologies, to achieve a balance between the maximum level of energy efficiency and aesthetics. With the introduction of redesigned heating bodies as architectural elements before being plant components, Tubes has changed the traditional radiator conception, not only by a process mere restyling, but instead by a search for new valences, both aesthetical and performative. Those have conferred to the heating body a new dignity, pushing it into a fully-fledged part of the interior architecture project, no longer relegated to just the heating requirements demand. The company has in its production three different types of products that have been named on the basis of the technical and aesthetic characteristics: Basics, Extras and Elements. ... More ... less

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