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Umbrosa is a Belgian company that produces quality umbrellas and shading sails with innovative design, using top quality materials that allow it to achieve excellent mechanical resistance performance. All products offer elegant and sustainable shading solutions for both the residential and contract markets. Choosing an Umbrian furnishing element means buying an original product, able to adapt to any outdoor environment. Each solution of the line contains comfort, high quality materials and modern lines, ensuring total protection against the sun in an easy and elegant way. Applied in the garden or on a terrace, Umbrosa products enhance any space that needs refreshment in the shade.

Umbrellas and sails: the sun protection systems of Umbrosa

Umbrosa stands out for the uniqueness of the shape and function of its umbrellas: robust, easy to open and close, and does not require special maintenance. Clear expression of elegance and natural simplicity, every solution of the line allows you to create shade in an elegant but simple way; shade that turns a garden or terrace into an attractive oasis of tranquility and fun. Perfect combination of classical architecture and contemporary garden, Umbrosa umbrellas are available in different models, with an increasingly sophisticated design and built with resistant materials: Paraflex, Icarus, Spectra, Eclipsum, Infina and Nauta.
Each of these solutions, made in different lines and with precise characteristics, guarantees protection against the sun, but also quality, elegance and ergonomics. Perfect for any area, from gardens to modern patio furniture, Umbrosa models have been created in collaboration with several international designers and inspired by the clean and refined architecture, the liveliness and unpredictability of nature, the warmth and sweetness of the Mediterranean culture, especially the sea and its waves. Produced exclusively in Belgium, all umbrellas are made of anodized aluminum, a solid and resistant material perfect for garden furniture and destined to last over time, in UV-resistant materials and fabrics of unbeatable quality.
Innovation, quality, uniqueness and contemporaneity make the Umbrosa line a world-renowned and respected reality: design, aesthetics and functionality make these umbrellas of outdoor accessories able to improve the comfort of any outdoor space. The result of careful technological and design experimentation, each model helps to protect and enhance the exterior environments of any structure, from villas to the most renowned hotel facilities.
Even the shade sails in the Umbrosa catalogue are extremely light and strong, safe even in the most adverse weather conditions and easy to use: thanks to the ingenious sliding system, it is easy to adapt the wing to the environment and circumstances, combining sober lines and modernity with excellent performance in terms of wind resistance. These solutions can be customized according to the customer's taste or the style of the house and are always made with top quality materials.

Umbrosa: outdoor furniture Made in Belgium

The work of the Belgian company, which organizes the entire production cycle on site, from product development to marketing, has evolved over time, bringing each collection to the most beautiful terraces and hotel chains around the world. Umbrosa works to offer each customer a wide range of tailor-made products, distinguished by the quality of materials and attention to detail and finishes. To this is added the utmost attention in the realization of the structures with different materials, such as aluminum, wood and steel.
Umbrellas but not only: Umbrosa offers some outdoor furniture collections, combining the furniture element with a structure that protects from the sun. Thus, the Nauta collection is born, for example, a sort of gazebo from time to time declined in various solutions: picnic table, garden sun bed, or even bar counter.
In addition to the standard collections, Umbrosa offers a personalized range of finishes, shapes, sizes and shade surfaces, so that you have a product that meets the customer’s aesthetic sensitivity and can coordinate with the rest of the structure on which it will be installed. In order to make the life of each product durable, even after the warranty has expired, an after-sales network has been made available: the staff of Umbrosa continues to assist the customer even in the post-purchase phase, intervening quickly for repairs and replacements of damaged or damaged items. ... More ... less

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