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Athens / Greece

URBI et ORBI loves to give duration to the moments. The company enjoys the present before it becomes the past and refuses to look only at the surface; URBI et ORBI seeks the underlying meanings, emotions, and messages.
URBI et ORBI insists on believing in timeless values. A product can be more than just an object. It can have a long-term existence, and age gracefully without deteriorating. It can be the space, not merely fill it. In addition to its functionality, a product should have character, spirit, and personality. It should awaken memories and emotions, engage in a dialogue with the user, have an identity, move through space and time, create relationships and experiences.

Established in Athens in 2012, URBI et ORBI has spent a decade showcasing the versatility of concrete as a premier material for design products. Collaborating with esteemed designers, the company has curated exceptional collections across bathroom and living spaces. Throughout our journey, they earned recognition and acclaim from professionals worldwide, “cementing” our reputation as innovators in the industry.
Central to the production process is concrete, the primary raw material. Infused with technologically advanced components and complemented by secondary materials like wood and metal, URBI et ORBI products embody a blend of form and function. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, our creations adhere to European standards and directives, ensuring quality and reliability.
Concrete is considered by many a mass that is not eco-friendly because it is artificial, but cement is just a minuscule fraction of the overall composition. Over time, concrete integrates seamlessly into the environment, aligning with nature's rhythms.
URBI et ORBI believes in effortless effort, balance, coexistence, and harmony and listens to the genius of nature and strive to emulate it. Concrete can be recycled, and they make it a natural part of their process to do so because they want our ecological footprint to be nominal. The brand uses raw materials found near Athens, reusing the sand collected from processing in the workshop. URBI et ORBI has chosen to recycle 100% of the waste internally in its production. ... More ... less

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