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Valentini family is a story of excellence since 1957. Two generations has brought Italian craftsmanship with mastery all over the world in the interior furnishing field with a proposal of exclusive collections of sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, bookcases and sideboards to create a complete living, on which there has been also added upholstered beds for the night area.

Valentini is 100% made in Italy.

Valentini creates complete and exclusive collections, to experience the home in its entirety.
Each products has been realized in Italy, in the territory of Veneto, where the company has its origins and its historical basis. In addition all fabrics which give style to Valentini sofas, armchairs and beds are produced in Italy: From the choice of the yarn to the design of its weave, passing through the creation of the colour palette, all the phases are 100% made in Italy, throgh a perfect balance between technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

Research and design, tradition and innovation.

Research for Valentini company has always been a challenge that animates and gives life to all new projects and does this with designers and a team of highly experienced collaborators forms a team for whom passion still counts. A company that renews itself every day, in stylistic, creative and technological research to bring innovations in design, choice of materials and workmanship. In Valentini company, tradition and innovation come together in every creations, creating
harmonious spaces made of lines and volumes to experience the home environment in all its beauty. ... More ... less


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