Tallinn / Estonia

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VÄLIALA is a brand dedicated to bringing high quality street furniture and street lighting to our global clients with the objective of creating a more interesting and enjoyable environment. The word “väliala” is Estonian for “open space” and the product offer ranges from street lighting and service pedestals to urban furniture and bike racks – everything necessary for creating functional public space with a unique character and style.
The brand was established by one of the most prolific and talented industrial designers of Estonia -Margus Triibmann and the collection of VÄLIALA features many of his most successful works. Design inspiration is drawn from a wide range of subject matter – often featuring elements familiar from natural or industrial landscape.
The design of VÄLIALA products emphasizes durability and functionality. Products are designed to withstand four seasons of varying and harsh Nordic weather. The design principles and materials have proven themselves in multiple installations across the region including several harbor areas. Products under VÄLIALA brand are designed, developed and produced in EU. ... More ... less


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