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When you think of roof windows, the name that comes to mind is definitely VELUX, which has now become synonymous with quality roof windows. The company was born in the 1940s from an idea of Danish entrepreneur and inventor Villum Kann Rasmussen, who dreamed of transforming dark attics into living spaces, bringing natural light and fresh air. For his first patented roof window he chose the name VELUX, formed by the abbreviation of the word "ventilation" and the Latin word "lux", which means light. The success was such that the company quickly became a group present all over the world, entering the Italian market in 1968, thanks to Lecedelli of Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL), which markets its products. VELUX Italia s. p. a. was legally established in 1977, becoming a leader in its sector.

Velux roof windows: models and performance

VELUX roof windows are distinguished by their efficiency and design. The proposed solutions are multiple and articulated, thanks to a wide range that meets any need. For pitched roofs, you can choose between pivoting windows, perfect for optimal ventilation, manual or electric double opening windows, and the innovative VELUX CABRIO® balcony, which transforms from roof window to balcony in seconds: while the upper part opens outwards, the lower part is pushed outwards to form a small parapet with side railings.
The solutions for flat roofs are ideal for bringing natural light into the inner areas of the house and into blind rooms, making use of zenithal light. All VELUX flat roof windows are fitted with curved finish glass with CurveTech technology: thanks to the frameless glass design, rainwater slides off, even on roofs with a 0° slope. The window consists of a PVC insulated base, complete with insulating glazing consisting of internal laminated safety glass and 4mm tempered burglar-proof outer glass.
VELUX offers a wide range of accessories and special windows that help to solve specific problems. In the case of out of reach windows, you can choose kits with everything you need to transform the manual window into a VELUX INTEGRA® window. It is a technology that allows you to open and close windows, awnings and shutters with a remote control. This innovative system can be configured with VELUX ACTIVE, an intelligent solution that can be controlled remotely and which, thanks to intelligent sensors, measures the internal temperature, CO2 content and air humidity. This range is also equipped with a special sensor that closes the windows in case of rain. You can choose between the electric or solar-powered version.

Materials and finishes of Velux windows

Materials are a fundamental component of windows and doors, as they must guarantee very high performance. VELUX has always been attentive to the choice of materials and finishes, focusing both on pleasant aesthetics and high performance. The frames of some models are constructed using VELUX ThermoTechnology™, a range of innovative high-performance materials embedded in the window structure to provide excellent energy efficiency, thermal insulation and airtight closure. The interior finishes vary from white or natural wood, to heat-treated wood covered in polyurethane, seamless, which does not require excessive maintenance. All VELUX roof windows are equipped with grey aluminum exterior finishes as standard. You can also choose from different materials such as copper, titanium zinc or colored aluminum with custom colors. In addition, the frames are designed for natural ventilation, which allows a constant exchange of air in the house, without worrying about safety or bad weather.

Shutters, blinds and Velux solar tunnels

To protect your home from the heat, VELUX offers a wide range of sunscreens, from blackout blinds to filter blinds, from Venetian blinds to external sunshades, to shutters and mosquito nets. There are also high sound insulation solutions for houses located in particularly noisy areas, windows for smoke and heat evacuation and windows with passive house certification.
Finally, VELUX has special solutions in its catalogue to bring natural light where it might seem impossible. One of these is the solar tunnel, a skylight consisting of an external "captor" with a transparent dome, a reflective tube and an internal ceiling light. The external element captures natural light and diffuses it, through the tube, even in rooms 10 meters away. ... More ... less

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