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Hørsholm / Denmark

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The Velux mission has always been to bring direct light and fresh air into people's lives, transforming dark attics into livable space. With the Velux Commercial spin-off, the Danish company now targets large buildings, offices, workshops, factories, public spaces (schools, libraries, airports), and commercial venues (bars, restaurants, gyms, stores, hotels, ...). Velux Commercial skylights allow interior spaces to be illuminated with as much natural light as possible to ensure people's well-being and increase productivity. The modular skylights provide maximum daylight and improve a building's aesthetics and performance. Velux Commercial skylights have a unique structure, with many advantages that help bring maximum daylight inside thanks to the possibility of installing multiple rows of skylights without the need for connecting structures, which are usually unsightly. The system has a coherent and elegant design, ensured by slender support beams, and includes an integrated water collection system.

Designing with natural light: Velux Commercial modular skylights

Velux Commercial modular skylights can be combined in many ways to create perfect solutions for a wide variety of uses. They are good value for money, thanks to their quick and easy installation. Longlight 5-30° is the single-pitch solution, ideal for flat roofs, while Wall-mounted Longlight 5-45° can adapt to different building heights, perfect for joining new and old buildings, even in the case of additions. Northlight 25-90° is a series of skylights for pitched roofs with a vertical design option. Designed to be installed directly on pitched roofs without a substructure, it impedes direct light and lets in soft light (when facing north). Ridgelight 25-40° is a totally self-supporting double-pitched skylight system for installation on a flat roof or the summit of a sloping roof; it guarantees maximum light and thermal comfort and adds interior height. The Ridgelight at 5° with Beams allows almost flat installations with support beams. Step Longlight/Ridgelight connects numbers of rows to create a large glass roof. It is a prefabricated solution with an elegant design thanks to the slender beams supporting the modules. This system is an innovative solution for new buildings and additions, increasing direct light, adding height and space to interiors. Atrium Longlight/Ridgelight has all the features of the previous one but allows greater flexibility in terms of form and design.

Velux Commercial: light and heat control and ventilation systems

Velux Commercial also offers solutions for direct light and heat control, helping create the best possible interior climate by introducing integrated shutters or special glass. To limit light, fireproof roller blinds supported by thin, virtually invisible wires can be installed. This solution can also be pre-assembled off-site to speed up installation.
Velux Commercial offers another option thanks to its collaboration with Renson, whose exterior awnings can protect against excessive solar gain. The glass can also be coated with low emissivity sun protection; it can be opaline to create subtle and uniform illumination without glare, or it can be stratified to keep light and shadow inside the buildings while limiting glare. The electrochromic glass panes are designed to modulate the intensity of the coating color according to sunlight. The dynamic chromatic changes offer exceptional daylight control and optimize energy consumption. Finally, the modular skylights can use photovoltaic glazing, alternating transparent surfaces that filter light with surfaces that generate electricity. The electrically operated ventilation modules ensure fresh air and optimal interior comfort with perfect continuity of the glazing design because they are identical to the non-operable modules when closed. Rain and wind sensors close the modules automatically when necessary. Anti-smoke modules, with optional wind deflectors, provide ventilation compliant with European UNI EN 12101-2 standards to reduce the accumulation of smoke inside buildings in case of fire. The wind deflectors are designed to minimize the risk of air intake and allow smoke to escape even when wind conditions are unfavorable. ... More ... less

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